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When covering the microbiome of the various hybrids of Earth, people need to take into consideration that everyone is a hybrid nowadays, with little exceptions. Meaning you are never one of the three primary races humanity is derived from and always at least two of the three. Out of the Pleiadian, The Sirian and the Draconian races, their diets will dramatically vary, and when you take into account that we are hybridized with no less than two different Simian species to begin with, this can only play a role in diet as well. 


The basic idea is there are three kinds of beings in the universe: 

1) Those who follow the Path of Severity and are always the Apex Predator meat eating species, such the Draco once were.

2) Then you have the opposite end consisting of those who are on the Path of Mercy, meaning that the primary difference is between the Left and Right brain dominant species. 

3) Lastly, you have the species that are technically somewhat balanced and are omnivores that follow

Severity or Mercy. The idea is, the species who kill other species to eat, or those who can consume entirely vegetation of various types to thrive. The breakdown is based a bit more on blood type and genetics than anything you were ever told and I'm going to explain how it works based on each type. 

There are 5 major bacterial phyla in the human digestive tract, including Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Actinobacteria, Proteobacteria, and Verrucomicrobia. Firmicutes (Gram-positive) and Bacteroidetes (Gram-negative) constitute the majority, making up ∼65% of total bacteria.

This is from a study based on chicken vs pork eaters, and just an example of how your biome is altered based entirely on what you eat and this is kept secret. The expression 'You are what you eat' is entirely relevant. 


This study was aimed to evaluate the differences in the composition of gut microbiota, tryptophan metabolites and short-chain fatty acids in feces between volunteers who frequently ate chicken and who frequently ate pork. Twenty male chicken-eaters and 20 male pork-eaters of 18 and 30 years old were recruited to collect feces samples for analyses of gut microbiota composition, short-chain fatty acids and tryptophan metabolites. Chicken-eaters had more diverse gut microbiota and higher abundance of Prevotella 9, Dialister, Faecalibacterium, Megamonas, and Prevotella 2. However, pork-eaters had higher relative abundance of Bacteroides, Faecalibacterium, Roseburia, Dialister, and Ruminococcus 2. In addition, chicken-eaters had high contents of skatole and indole in feces than pork-eaters, as well as higher contents of total short chain fatty acids, in particular for acetic acid, propionic acid, and branched chain fatty acids. The Spearman’s correlation analysis revealed that the abundance of Prevotella 2 and Prevotella 9 was positively correlated with levels of fecal skatole, indole and short-chain fatty acids. Thus, intake of chicken diet may increase the risk of skatole- and indole-induced diseases by altering gut microbiota.

Bacterial Study Source:

Now without going into all the greater details of each bacterium produced by the biome for every food, I will simply explain it as such, because I know everything is energy, including the foods you eat, therefore processing these various types of energy requires differents kinds of bacterium. The basic explanation is the red meat eaters are generally the lower vibration foods near the bottom of the Blood Kabbalstic Tree, but this also ties into all Earthen based foods such roots that grow below ground such as potatoes. The Yogis of India consumed entirely alkaline electric plants only, and this type of diet was reinforced by the Biblical Hebrew Jews who were almost entirely vegan as described in the Book of Daniel. In more modern day, it was a man by the name of Dr. Sebi who promoted and proved this type of diet is how one can purge the body of all disease within 3 months so long as you take the proper nutrient supplementation in the meantime. Meaning nutrient deficiencies are the top cause of disease, which leads to inflamation and onset of mucus buildup in the body. 

So when considering which blood type you are, simply look if it's on the Left, Middle or Right Paths, and you will know if you are a meat eating type vs someone who is almost entirely vegan. The people most likely to be meat eaters are White Alpha Males vs the ones most likely to be Vegan are the Black Beta Females. Both Draco males and Pleiadian males are the ones most likely to consume meat as a result but it will differ based on what type of hybrid they are. When considering the vibration of 3, 6, and 9, the Red Meat Eating O- Draco are 3, the White Alpha Pleaidian are 6, and the Black Beta Sirian are 9 and therefore the highest vibration naturally, and also the reason they are the ones most likely to be Vegan as a result. You will see this in nature with Right Brained Gorilla species who are Beta types, and consume almost entirely plants but are some of the strongest creatures on Earth, so people believing that Beta is weak, are delusional. The Beta Apex predator classes are usually Panther / Leopard types, so it's not that they do not consume meat, but it's generally blood that they consume, rather than the meat itself. You will find Beta types who love their steaks still moving as a result if they have any level of Pleiadian or Draco admixture because as soon as you mix the other energies in, the Path of Severity can become active. This is the primary reason the Tribes of Israel were known to be blood drinkers that suffered from Porphyria, which is the Vampirism disease found specifically in Draco blood lines of the B- usually. 

In a balanced diet, you can consume pretty much any organic source of your standard farm animals / produce and live happy and healthy, but keep in mind the body is extremely complex when hybridized of which everyone is.


To start off, I'll start with the O+ and the O-, which is based on whether they are majority Pleaidian, Sirian or Draco, Pleiadian O+ are similar to chimp + wolf and therefore naturally omniores, who can consume smaller diety meat sources but rarely large prey, so domesticated cows, chickens are best but I try to tell people if you seek sources of animal proteins and enzymes, eggs are likely the better source due to them being easier to digest and a source of vitamin D, which is rarely found in vegetables. High vegetable intake of various types should be included but things like sweet potatoes, beans, legumes, etc and not necessarily your leafy greens, which are best for everyone but some people's biomes do not naturally process them as easily as they do others forms of nutrients, and if you wish to change what you are and eat, meaning you wish to alter your own microbiome, you need to eat in accordance with the vibration you seek most. These types should avoid grains and sugars / starches entirely. They are not natural grass eaters either. Nut proteins, seeds, and tropical fruit are better such as burros, coconuts, starfruit, jackfruit, etc is the best supplementation for them. Avoid the high acid citrus fruit, for it won't sit well. If you wish to consume citrus juices, freeze them first. 

The reverse O+ who are majority Sirian, will thrive almost entirely on vegetables and fruit, and almost entirely vegan. Active grains known as sprouted grains are the best thing aside from the first two mentioned. High Earth based plant proteins such as beans and nuts, also amazing. These types should avoid red meat entirely and starches, sugars as well. 

Now, last but not least, the O- of the Draco, who were entirely red meat eaters originally, and this is still true to many of these blood lines to this day, they eat once a day, with a mix of meat, probiotic dairy and assorted foods / drinks such as sauerkraut, fermented cheeses, kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, etc. Draco are the only hybrids on Earth who are not lactose intolerant after infancy and due to having the LCT mutation. Their biomes will dramatically vary based on which tribe the O- is from, so when factoring this in, keep in mind the level of Pleiadian and Sirian genetics as well. I've met O- Sirian Draco hybrids who were entirely vegan and I've met ones that are red steaks and potatoes for almost every meal. This idea is though, all beings who follow the Path of Severity are supposed to practice fasting to allow the microbiome to reset so to speak and prevent the negative bacteria in the biome from overwhelming the positive, because if this happens, the onset of inflammation and disease is almost assured due to mucus buildup in the system leading to biofilms and mucoid plaques building on the surface of the cellular membranes, causing them to either self destruct or turn cancerous if unable to to. 

Historically, many of the Scythians who were O- were nomadic and expert hunters who literally followed this way of life and were some of the strongest and healthiest people on Earth, but I looked into their diets, and they ate one huge meal every two days and fasted a day in between always, and the time of fasting was supplemented by fermented drinks / water only. 

The Alpha of the A1+ and A2-. These types are Apex Predator meat eaters in the wild but their high vibration allows for various foods to thrive on. The A- are the ones who thrive on vegetarian diets and not vegan, nor red meat per se, although there are some who would like to debate this, I can assure you from the animal kingdom, red meat is the hardest to digest and hardest on the kidneys, so the A- may prefer chicken and poutry, or even seafood if they have Sirian admixture and rarely steaks or roasts. Chicken is actually the preferred meat of most canine species in the wild, since wolves will hunt wild game long before they try and take on a bear or a moose, but if hungry, smaller deer may be the only option. So when people keep this in mind, you have the choice as to what type of meats you prefer and what you believe is best suited for you based on admixture. A- will thrive on things like chicken ceasars, and vegetable / pasta dishes with only a bit of meat. Their diet should be balanced between the three, but keep in mind, when consuming grains, organic alkaline electric diet only such as spelt, teef, or quinoa flours. These are the most commonplace ones to find, and keep in mind, that the food supply in the Pleiadian nations has been poisoned completely by aluminum glyphosate which is a microbiome killer and organic cidar vinegar is one of the only things that can break down glyphosate in the human body. Many Alphas are not fans of vegetables per se similar to their O- Draco counterparts, but if you mix vegetables into everything they eat, they never notice the difference and if anything it's just 'added flavour' such as meat pot pies, soups, pasta dishes, meat bean buns, various salads, stuffed vegetables, etc. The best things, will always be alkaline variants of all of these things albeit the meat sources. Avoid toxic wheat / grains, sugars can be fruit juices if you do not care for the fruit itself of which many Alphas do not, but washing down things with fruit juices / smoothies can become a mainstay in their diet in order to supplement. 

High protein is an absolute must, regardless of the source but to be perfectly honest, out of animal or plant, peanut butter is literally the world's most perfect food to an Alpha and possibly one of the most addicitve things on Earth if you make it right. Take organic peanut butter, drain a bit of the oil and then mix in coconut sugar, and sea salt and you will have the perfect 'brain food' that will keep you good for hours on end. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches were literally invented by an A2- Draco hybrid. The brain thrives on 8 different sugars to become extremely active but is majority fat, so many vegans forget this and stick to fruit and vegetables and grains for the majority of their food, but if you do this, your brian will literally start to deteriorate from the lack of fat intake, and why statin drugs are so dangerous to begin with. Nut protein you need to have all the time if you wish to stay vegan as an A-. High fat fruit and / or legumes such as bananas (burros), avacados, and olives, chickpeas, etc are also a must. You will find that most balanced Alphas can and will eat almost anything you put in front of them, but the A- will often have issues with the 'texture' of food before the taste ever becomes an issue, so they can be picky eaters in many cases, which is why learning to blend things, is a huge deal to them. 

To the ones who are not quite right brain balanced you will find a strong distate for many fruits / vegetables due to either taste or texture, and finding things too sweet will also be a huge deal, since many have become salt and / or sugar addicts, the recovered A-, can no longer stomach the processed sugars and will switch to salty foods as a new mainstain of addiction. The amount of processed salt and sugar is literally what's killing most people aside from the glyphosate. Keep addictive processed anything high in salt / sugar away from this blood type. Natural sugars of maple syrup, guava syrup, etc are safe to consume but the best one on Earth is honey due to the natural ability to destroy harmful bacteria whilst leaving the good. Raw milk and honey are life blood to a Draco who chooses to remain as a non vegan. 

The Betas of the B+ / B-. These types dramatically differ based on hybridization but I would say they are not unlike their A counterparts in some regards. The types of foods preferred change from your living grains, leafy greens, nuts, and poultry to fruit and vegetables majority and from chicken to seafood. Betas types are considered Pescatarian in nature when they are not eating their regiment of vegetables of every variety, and only the Apex Predator Beta types ever consume anything aside from a vegan source, meaning there are Beta types who possess Left brain function and therefore the Path of Severity as well and in almost all cases, these Betas types are blood drinkers, and rarely eat the meat per se, simply because it's the nutrients found in the blood they seek. So when dealing with Beta types, their diets are extremely simply to follow, you are either the fruit and vegetable type with next to no Earthen foods such as seeds, legumes, roots, and no meat either, unless it's something extremely rare or fish. No starches, no dairy, few grains if any, no meat, unless the aforementioned types. Highest vibration citrus fruits and the most colorful vegetables you can find are literally your mainstay. As I stated earlier, the biggest issue in vegan diets, is the lack of fat intake leading to the brain consuming itself, so supplementing healthy fatty oils and / or nuts, is an absolute must for a vegan Beta similar to a vegetarian Alpha because the preferred meat of the Alphas, chicken, is also low in fat generally if baked. Never fry anything unless it's a quick flash fry in a wok.

Due to the natural integration of this blood type, these types of people can eat a variety of foods without issues in compatibility such as the LCT mutation in the Draco allowing them to process lactose after infancy and this being one of the exceptions since all RH+ humans are lactose intolerant after infancy. This will be the underlying factor between the AB+ and the AB-. 

Aside from this though, their diets should primarily be plant based as most diets should but the A2- gene has a preference to poultry whilst the B- gene is more rare steak and seafood. Pork should never be consumed by anyone, they are one of the filthiest creatures on Earth, and the results of early genetic hybridization experiments in crossing human genes with boars, and why the Annunaki forbid humans to eat them. The AB+ I've seen thrive on yor basic fruit, vegetables, with a bit of meat, but these people will find that their ancestry thrived on sheep / goats and never cows until recent years. The biggest issues Alphas have is trying to become vegan, and I only know of a few A2- vegans, whilst most are vegetarian, and this is often the diet I recommend for the AB+ as well. The more red meat one consumes, the quicker their kidneys will give out, so I tell anyone still consuming red meat to switch entirely to fish or seafood. The biggest killers of Alphas is processed sugars, flours, and rice. By nature, Aphas are not grass eaters, and the heavy starch / sugar diet will kill them faster than anything else but due to being ABs they can choose between severity and mercy easily, and instead of the meat and potatoes many were taught to eat, switch to salads and smoothies. The idea is, if you still consume meat, you must balance the equation with lubricating / hydrating cellular fluids and yes, the body is comparable to a bio-organic vehicle for the 'Light'. So making sure all the cells are functioning at optimum levels is mandatory. 

Until recently it was not known that every cell is a living representation of the universe and possesses the same dielectric nature which took a physicist and a microbiologist to prove and to give you a bit of background on frequency healing and how it works, every cell operates at a specific frequency and know these frequencies is what allows external electro(magnetic) fields to heal and / or destroy cell function. This was taken from a study that looked at cells and the effects of AC energy on them, but they learned that whilst you can heal with specific frequencies / fields, that prolonged exposure lasting greater than five to thirty minutes can inhibit their function, so knowing that everything is a vibration, protecting yourself from external fields such as wi-fi is now more critical than ever.

Gut Biome Study

Dielectrophoresis (DEP) is a separation technique that has potential to overcome the shortcomings of density gradient centrifugation, FACS, and MACS and could provide an electrical biomarker for hMSCs. DEP technologies enable a variety of particle polarizations with nonuniform AC electric fields on microchips to achieve particle manipulation. DEP has been used to study other cell systems such as red blood cells, cancer cells, white blood cells, and yeast cells. The red blood cell DEP studies are important because different ABO-Rh surface antigens were distinguishable from the DEP spectra. The long-term goals of characterizing hMSCs dielectric properties are to discern unique biosurface markers specific to hMSC subcultures.


Advances have been made in the study of stem cells using dielectrophoresis. Flanagan looked at the affects AC electric field expsosure times have on cell viabilty. They found that for human and mouse neural stem/progenitor cells, short exposure times (30 s-1 min) between 0.010–10 MHz did not affect cell viability and metabolic activity. However, longer exposure times, 5–30mins, at the same frequencies induced 20%–40% decrease in cell viability and metabolic activity. These results establish experimental parameters, and aligns with cell viability results found in this work after 90 s AC field exposure hMSC cell viability remained intact. Wu and Morrow conducted a one patient clinical study on stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells separated via DEP. The SVF cells were obtained, separated at 15Vpp, 0.10–1.0 MHz and autologously transplanted to a patients hand to treat muscle atrophy. Positive results were achieved indicating that DEP treated cells were not harmful, and they accelerated the healing process over 3 months (as compared to control). The advantages to coupling DEP with microfluidics are microliter sample size, quick analysis (∼minutes to achieve results), little sample preparation, and minimal waste production. Disadvantages are that extended electric field exposure times (>5 min) negatively affect cells properties and viability.


DEP utilizes nonuniform electric fields for cell movement based on the polarizability and dielectric properties (permittivity and conductivity) of their membrane, cytoplasm, and other structurally dominant organelles. Cells have distinct dielectric dispersions that can be used as an identification tool for cell purification. A cell's complex permittivity is frequency dependent and characterized by the α, β, and γ dielectric dispersion regions (ωα < ωβ < ωγ).40 At radio frequencies (β-region), 0.010–10 MHz, the dielectric dispersion of cells are affected by their membrane; high frequencies penetrate a cells surface and interogates the internal structure. Therefore, a plethora of information can be obtained about a cell population in the β-region; many researchers complete their experiments within this frequency range.

Study Source:

To summarize, I have told people I have never condemned someone for choosing to eat meat vs becoming vegan, and after almost dying of cancer myself, I can tell you 100%, the Path of Mercy is the greatest one out of the 3, 6, and 9 leaving alkaline electric vegetables, fruit, grains at the top of the food chain heirarchy but not everyone is a pure Sirian beta female which is why you have the natural balance of energy in the universe. The longest life expectancy is from Okinawa women of Japan, due to eating majority sweet potato and only 3-5% of their diet is meat, fish and chicken, and when you look at sweet potatoes, they are considered one of the most alkaline foods on Earth. I have studied the diets of nearly every tribe on Earth to know who eats what and what we started eating in the first days on Earth after the Annunaki taught humanity cultivation and herding. I will provide a small list of ancient foods known to be consumed by the first humans, passed down to them by the Annunaki themselves:



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