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It's not very often you encounter characters you will never forget. Johnathan Mercedes is one of those people. Dedicated to his craft, he is as a man on a mission with the enthusiasm of 10 men. Leader, thinker, scholar and entertainer are all words to describe him.

- Henry Sullivan

I had an ancestral reading back in September and I’m currently reading your book. It took me awhile to conjure up the courage to ask you for a reading because I was a bit intimidated by you (you can tell, that you’re a highly intelligent person). I don’t normally like asking strangers for “help” & am uncomfortable discussing a subject I know nothing about. When I finally spoke with you, you put my mind at ease. You were very informative, patient (you took time to interpret it into my understanding) polite & you had a great sense of humor. You even gave me helpful information regarding my children’s blood types & gave some helpful tips on what would work best for them. You gave a good amount of time for questions & I didn’t feel rushed. You were spot on with my family’s blood type personalities etc. I could definitely tell you put a lot of time & passion into your work. I believe your ancestral readings are very important to get. Even if someone researched their bloodline on their own, they’d still be missing some important pieces without having the proper guidance. Knowing more about my bloodline helped give me more sense of purpose/finding myself. I definitely appreciated your time & help!

- Lily Chandler

I had three sittings with you. From the beginning, something resonated deeply and clicked with my own esoteric readings from years ago. Tracing my bloodlines, made sense in terms of who I am, why I am that way and also, why others around me are the way they are. Why my father was so different to my mother and why I carry both their influences. And it showed me the road to compassion, through deep understanding, which is one of the ways I am healing my bloodline. I also sat through all your courses and deepened my understanding of who we all are and who we had been, even more. Your teachings have opened my eyes to a new perspective and it is not an exaggeration to say, I will never be the same again. I see it as a legacy to pass on to my children and to those who are wise enough to listen. Through you, I have also made wonderful connections where I live and on the virtual space, which made me feel understood and that I'm not alone in my experience. You have already given us so much and I thank you. I have been cross checking most of your teachings, since 2020 with other sources and DNA research, as my research background does not allow me to take anyone's word for it, no matter how much that word resonates. Combined with DNA results I had, your information and knowledge fits in perfectly most of the time. He is a genius, in the way he has put together genetic knowledge and suppressed history. From the very beginning (and I have been following him for over two and a half years now), he resonated deeply and changed my view of the world, as well as of myself. It is amazing to place the history of your family in perspective and it makes so much sense. It made all the puzzle pieces fall into place. I also greatly enjoy interacting with Jonathan for these consultations, his passion is contagious and he is a very interesting and engaging speaker, often humourous.

- Robert Williams

Ancestry Reading: phenomenal!!! Absolutely worth it, so fascinating and I was able to verify a large part of the information provided with family members that share the mtDNA line who have had their DNA testing done.

Grateful, thank you x

- Ava Morgan

I have followed Johnathan for a very, very long time. We as a family, have made significant life decisions taking into consideration some of Johnathan's work and  predictions. I do not have any real family history, I took an ancestry test which unfortunately doesn't give you any of the MTDNa, YDNA or haplogroups like they used to. Johnathan gave me a comprehensive reading, coupled with my blood type and the very few names I could give him. Johnathan is patient and helps guide you to get good information from your session. He gives so much information just in his general conversation with you (make sure you have a pen and paper handy). Everyone should have one of these readings done, something just clicks inside you. It's like he switches on the realisation of who and what you are. Johnathan's patience and willingness to try and teach such important information to people is a testament to what an amazing being he is. I eagerly await all the future courses, book and hopefully (fingers crossed) some children's material which I would use religiously to guide and teach my little dragons.

- William Jones

Johnathan Mercedes is one of the great scholars to walk this world. Get on his list while you can. There will be millions in the future.

- David Miller

I truly believe your teachings and sessions are transformative. I’ve listened to your work for years upon years now.

Your knowledge is life-changing, your wit incomparable - you fight for what you believe in and your efforts make a difference in the world.

On top of that, your book is filled with answers for those searching.

Grateful for you and all you do. Anyone who hasn’t reached out to Johnathan for a session or lesson- do so, your life will change entirely by his work.

- Richard Davis

I cannot thank you enough for doing my ancestry. It was so amazing. The amount of information and knowledge you shared with me was priceless. I also really enjoyed the conversation and your sense of humor. Thank you again for taking the time do that for me. I truly appreciate you and your work.

- Emily Roberts

For me anything and everything you have presented, taught, offered has been of the greatest importance, and you are the only one that I ever know I do not have to question or take with a grain of salt. Much gratitude and thankfulness for all you have done and continue to do. Highly recommend to anyone that has not taken your courses, read your posts, your book or had your ancestry done. It matters to me, I find it of great importance to know who I am and what we are up against.

- Olivia Parker

The courses are always great, there's a lot of very interesting information and you can tell Johnathan Mercedes worked really hard to put them together. To me it resonates because we are not all love and light and it's a war out there. And I may say, I read a lot and I'm very skeptical, not one time has something sounded off with Johnathan. It just makes sense and it's good to know your history or genetic make-up. It helps with all aspects of life and relationships.

- Anthony Martinez

Honestly, all of your teachings have helped me understand migration better AFTER you did my ancestry.

Understanding where I came from and possible haplogroup helped me better understand not only myself, but I've been able to help others understanding how the human race has evolved and where they came from, and most importantly what my bloodlines did and how I'm able to heal those bloodlines.

You are an amazing friend and teacher!

You specifically have helped me with my ascension journey which had also lead me to meet others who have the same purpose.

All because I wanted to know where I came from.

I hope those who consider it know its worth it, if you take time and dedication to understand Johnathan's mission, who he's trying to bring together, and for what reason.

Thank you for everything! 💜

- Ashley Moore

Why would you go to anyone but the best expert in their field or the best researcher on the subject?

I have learned so much and am grateful for all of it.👍🏻

- Taylor Anderson

I have had your Ancestry reading and I have bought and read your book. 
The Ancestry reading was very informative.  It put together so much more than I could ever have learned through a traditional ancestry "site".  You did my reading and after it was done I read you my DNA results and the lined up perfectly.  I cannot say I was surprised, you really do know your stuff and are not afraid to share it with others who want to learn.

As for the book, I am about to read it for a second time.  Understanding the blood war that still exists really opens your eyes to why so much had happened and continues to happen.  I have learned so much.

The book and reading went hand and hand, they built up on each other like building blocks.  I truly appreciate all the knowledge you share with us all.

- Caitlin Ellis

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