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About Tribal Knowledge Academy

I have undertaken something that not everyone can undertake: I have descended into the depths, I have pierced the foundations. - Nietzsche, The Dawn of the Day


Tribal Knowledge Academy was founded by two friends, Johnathan Mercedes and Dawn Treader as a passion project that was years in the making. Both Johnathan and Dawn started out as independent researchers who met on the frontlines of the fight against the principalities that be.


For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


Having spent years working together to protect humanity and fighting on their behalf, Johnathan and Dawn decided it was time to organize their efforts into a worldwide movement that focuses on educational reform. This monumental undertaking will be accomplished using the original body of work that Johnathan has developed and has already successfully implemented to activate countless thousands with, over the last decade that he has spent teaching.


Once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally. - Nietzsche


A part of being on this galactic journey is learning how to progress as a species by mastering light code activation and understanding how to properly upgrade our dna in order to achieve consciousness expansion through energetic infusion. This is precisely the type of work that both Johnathan and Dawn specialize in. Tribal Knowledge Academy was founded with the purpose of bringing this information forth onto a global platform, with the intent of ushering in the next quantum leap in human evolution.


Our Purpose


Our purpose is to teach. Our goal is to liberate. Our values are truth, knowledge, freedom, wisdom, spiritual / Adamic light, love (the Agape kind), acceptance, recognition, appreciation, friendship, empathy, compassion, and most importantly, balance.


Everything we do at Tribal Knowledge Academy is for the purpose of the greater good and follows the principle of the law of one. Our intention is to help humanity become the best version of itself through energetic mastery, using the esoteric wisdom teachings of the Dragon Mystery Schools.


We hope that our teaching efforts will emancipate minds from systematic conditioning and we hope to inspire others to believe that a world built on balanced middle path ideology is possible to achieve. All of this work begins at the innermost level, starting with an individuals blood and genetics, for blood (which is the factor that defines our energy) is ultimately the vehicle for our consciousness.


To know thyself, is the ultimate law.


To live a fully embodied life through self-knowledge, is ultimately what we hope to inspire others to do. By knowing yourself, you can fulfill your purpose and helps others do the same. A healthy society should be filled with people who have gone through the process of introspection and are ready to meet others with authenticity and a true representation of their intentions, as defined by their blood energy.


Our Ambition


We believe in fostering a sense of community through tribal affiliation. Our main body of work revolves around the kind of teachings that will allow others to correctly perceive each other, thus allowing understanding to take place.


Recognition of blood energy, results in authenticity. Both Johnathan and Dawn believe that the dream of a better world can be achieved once cooperation through such understanding is undertaken.


Our Objectives


• Part of the impact we seek to make in the world is to correct the wrongs done by a system that constantly seeks to divide, using the left or the right to do so. We believe in bridging this gap using middle path ideology and bringing about a peaceful co-existance through education on bloodlines and ancestral history.


• We would like our teaching efforts to result in a comprehensively sustainable 'new era' civilization based on the correct perception and acceptance of the various energies that exist on this Earth.


• In the future, we hope to develop hive cluster communities as a mainstream living option for those seeking to build advanced energetic familial structures, using knowledge of blood energy and genetics to do so.


• Become one of the world’s largest providers of an open-source educational portal where knowledge will be available to everyone who seeks it. Our greatest goal is to evolve our business into a world-wide organization that will reinstate the type of learning centers that once existed during the Golden Age of humanity.


• Inspire others who dream of bringing meaningful change, to organize and collaborate. We are actively pioneering a new paradigm for the next major chapter of human history using the Kabbalistic blood energy system developed by Johnathan Mercedes to do so.


The Dawn & Johnathan Way


Our Mission Statement

[Written By Both Dawn & Johnathan]


Tribal Knowledge Academy was created to serve as an all-encompassing educational portal designed to elevate and empower those who come here as sincere seekers of esoteric and metaphysical truths. The primary focus of the educational work we do is based wholly around the concept of energetic mastery.


Energetic mastery begins at the core level, in your blood and in your dna. For those who are new to energy work, the most important concept you need to understand is that blood = energy. Your blood type, your haplogroups, and your ancestral lineage are the unique ingredients that make up the spiritual recipe which forms you as individual. Each blood type has it's own elemental / energetic attunement that corresponds to various regions of the brain, which based on your genetic composition, reveals every aspect of who and what at you are. Our goal here, as educators, is to provide you with the knowledge needed to allow you to fully know yourself in order to perceive all the hidden facets found within. Mastery of the self, will ultimately enable you to consciously ascend towards great celestial heights using the type of advanced perception that comes when you activate your higher mind. By utilizing your energy correctly, you can elevate your awareness, which allows you to experience interbeing and balance. Achieving this type of spiritual attunement and using scientifically proven data to do it with, allows those who are left brain dominant (primarily of the rh- blood types) and those who are right brain dominant (primarily of the rh+ blood types) to bridge the gap that often divides the two hemispheres by walking the middle path to innerstanding. Innerstanding is the neutral point of understanding and overstanding - with the knowing coming from a place of acceptance and love (aka the heart center), a place-point in consciousness that is not skewed by the limitations of ego.


Once you discover, that at the fundamental level, everything is energy, frequency, and vibration and are able to understand how it all works, you will navigate this world in a permanently heightened state of being. This will essentially allow you to become EMBODIED by optimizing your inherent latent potential using the type of integration that occurs via comprehensive activation of the heart, mind, body, and spirit.


"It is about knowing who you are, what your place in this Universe is, and the extent of your interconnectedness within the Universe."


Our ultimate mission is to provide you with the tools that will allow you to identify your strengths based on your unique genetic composition. You have the inherent power to overcome whatever binds you once you have the knowledge of how to do so. Many have heard of concepts such as shadow work and other forms of the more popular psychological approaches that result in achieving inner-understanding. While this type of work can be helpful, it is somewhat limited in its approach because it lacks the genetic component, which is the key factor that underpins all energetic transactions. Here at Tribal Knowledge Academy, we not only focus on energetic / genetic attunement, but also on removing the myriad of distractions caused by division, meaningless pursuits, empty pleasures, and indulgence. This world is an elaborate testing ground as well as a refinement center for your core energetic structure, aka the spirit / soul that makes up your light-body. We are here to help guide you through all the traps and snares set before you by a corrupt system that knows your weaknesses and seeks to exploit them.


By assimilating the teachings found here, you will be able to find true fullfillment and connect to the type of pure peaceful, divine love that can only be accessed via heart centered activation achieved primarily through the implementation of self knowledge. Our teachings focus on the discovery, development, and integration of the various facets of an individuals inner being —all the way down to a genetic level, using concepts based around intuitive spiritual understanding, as well as established science. Our core motto is 'elevation through consciousness expansion.'


Along with self exploration, much of the other aspects of the work we focus on here revolves largely around the principle of unity consciousness. One of our top goals is to bring people together, by allowing them to correctly comprehend each other.


In bringing you this website, we hope to create an extensive online resource glossary on topics such as blood type studies, genetics, neuroscience, ancestral lineage, galactic astrology, tribal history, energetic mastery, in-depth examinations of psychology, cosmology and its relation to the mind, as well as revelations and discussions on topics such as suppressed history, anthropology, world mythology, theology and etc. Ultimately, we hope to cover all bases needed for self liberation. Here, you will also find advanced explanations of the following types of wisdom: esoteric, metaphysical, alchemical, astrological, psychological, kabbalistic, mystical and most importantly, spiritual.


When considering all of our goals, it is safe to say that our biggest goal is to foster the spirit of learning and make it both fun and stimulating for everyone involved. This will be achieved on our platform through the collaborative teaching efforts of a collective of people working together worldwide who are devoted to knowledge, as well as to the service of others.


At the core of it all, everything we do is designed to liberate and allow oneself to dive deep into the enchanting pools of Mystery in order to unlock the gates that keep your potential at bay.


Presently, the access to information via the internet and the technology we currently have, as well as the ability to travel freely, has allowed us to begin to evolve very rapidly as a species. What most don't know, is that the controller system doesn't want this, and actively seeks to devolve us all, through separation and death by strategically facilitated infighting. This is done so deliberately, in order to maintain their power structure using a system which seeks to keep us permanently stunted, dependent and enslaved to them. What most people don't realize is that this type of negative agenda programming is achieved largely owning to the fact that most operate under a collective ignorance of blood type information and due to ideology that discourages tribal affiliation and embraces a lack of knowledge of familial history — all of which is implemented strategically through propaganda wars and genetic targeting. For those that aren't aware, euthanasia and eugenics are currently practiced at an alarming rates and are the biggest tools the system uses in order to uphold and fast-track it's means and goals. Eugenics based killings are especially practiced against all A blood group types, since they are in possession of the Adamic light. The Adamic beings are most resistant to control, due to the Alpha energy that is assigned to this blood type, making them the biggest threat to the slave system, largely in part because of the way their brain is structured. Once the Adamic blood types get eradicated, the system will achieve full dominion over the world.


In addition to information supression coupled by strategic genetic attacks, the system keeps us in a permanent state of cognitive dissonance by poisoning our food and water supply, by spraying toxic chemicals on us via chemtrails, and by deliberately causing division amongst us all by playing the left and right against each other to do so. The biggest thing that the controller system fears is us, the people, acknowledging our dna and gaining the true knowledge of our genetic history and what it all means. Nothing brings them more terror, than us coming together using unity consciousness through tribal affiliation. It is important to keep in mind, that everything in this world is subjective, including truth. People lie, blood and genetics don't.


For the first time, in a long time in this Universe, the beings that inhabit this Earth are consciously taking a great evolutionary step together. Once everyone learns how their blood type and dna is structured Kabbalistically and comes to understand their placement on the world tree, they can make informed decisions on how to best make use of their energy in order to realize their potential through blood / genetics based upgrades.


The basis of everything that Tribal Knowledge Academy is about, revolves around the work of Johnathan Mercedes. Johnathan has developed an advanced system that explains every aspect of blood energy and exactly how to master it using Kabbalistic principles.


For those who are unfamiliar with Kabbalah, it is simply the translation of energy and how it manifests into the various dimensional wavelengths, granting the illusion of form through the Avatars, which is nothing more than compressed Light held together through the di-electric nature of the universe. You are encoded / compressed Light. - Johnathan Mercedes


If you examine the metaphysical definition of the word body and what it means to have a body, it is defined as 'a perfect manifestation of a divine idea composed of a spiritual substance so pure, that no disintegrating force can be found in it. This body of pure Spirit is the very temple of the living God; a radiant, beautiful body illumined with the eternal light of Spirit.'


Once you understand this you can, see how your body can become the temple that houses your light.


Thus, the metaphysical understanding of what it means to be spiritually embodied, is to quite literally become a light unto this world. Throughout the history of time, all of the highest vibrational beings to ever walk the Earth have been those who teach, with Yeshua himself being called a rabbi (a word that means teacher). Like his predecessors before him, Johnathan has taken up a mantle of leadership and has decided to share his light with the world via his efforts as a teacher.


Johnathan is an A2- / O- Alpha Draconian being, in possession of the Adamic light. Throughout history, the rh- Draco have formed Dragon Mystery Schools that were used to teach small numbers of chosen rh+ humans. Most of the work pertaining to energetic understanding at the Kabbalistic level has always been hidden and suppressed from the humans, because the Draco use this knowledge to maintain control at the highest levels. Johnathan has decided the enough is enough, and he is willing to share that which has been hidden from us humans all this time. If you are wondering whom is writing this text, I myself am an rh+ human, a B+ Sirian who holds the Beta energy, by the name of Dawn Treader. Both Johnathan and I have forged a unique friendship / alliance and are here to represent the interests of both our species in the ongoing blood wars. As an rh- Alpha Draconian who is A2-, Johnathan is in possession of the Adamic light and holds the (divine) masculine Alpha energy (that of the Father) tracing all the way back to the Igigi and the Original Sons of God. As an rh+ B+ Beta Sirian with Draco admixture, I hold the (holy) feminine energy (that of the Mother). Both of our energies are unpinned by the O being our secondary energy, which represents the Omega type. Our friendship serves as a testament that it is possible for humans and Draco to work and co-exist together in a state of mutual respect and harmony. Through our efforts, we hope to connect other people of various energies in order to inspire others to work together, help each other, fellowship, and thrive via a mutually beneficial energy exchange.


Since most of the content on this website is contributed to Johnathan's own personal research and original work, here is a statement directly from him explaining what his personal mission is and what he hopes to achieve:


To start, I will give you a brief introduction about my work and the goals of us here at

Tribal Knowledge Academy.


I come as a servant of the Father. A being known to some, but not to all, and this is one of the main goals I seek to change.


Humanity is comprised of not one, but rather the DNA of no less than three different Alien races, being that of the Pleaidian, the Sirian, and the Draconians.










Through my work, you will come to learn and understand the various origins of every tribe on Earth and it's history.


The ultimate goal for humanity, has always been in front of many, with the teachings of Christianty, but these ones in particular were based on how to become saved through the Blood of Christ. The being known as Yeshua Hamashiach, was indeed created by our Father, Lord Ea, who is the Living God and the Father of Humanity. He is the half brother of the God of the Old Testament, Enlil.


The distortion comes from the history of the tribes and their people being wiped out, with only the stories of a few tribes being told for the reason and purpose that would serve the to the controller systems advantage whilst providing disclosure and Revelation of the Method.


My People, the Draco, have been in power for over 6,000 years consecutively, and some have found humanity lacking and therefore seek to restore balance to this world by whatever means necessary through the teachings that have always been hidden in front of you. The reason for this, is there are others of my kind who seek to unabalance the energies of this world through the attack on the Divine Masculine which are the Alpha blood types that are descended from the Seed of Adam, possessing the 'Light of Man' known in modern day as the 'internal monologue' that many humans possess, but some do not. It is the ability to internalize and see images in your own head, as well as being able to talk to yourself through your own internal voice. By removing this energy from humanity, they will essentially devolve into drones, no longer able to envision or dream and only being capable of living for the 'World'. The worst case scenario would be turning the entire world into a planet of demons, where no one would longer care what happened to anyone else, and everyone would be entirely self absorbed, or selfish and sadistic, which is what all of the O- and B- Draco would become due to lack of Alpha blood in their blood lines, leaving them entirely effiminate, which is the primary cause of transgenderism, or gender confusion. The essence of Male and Female energy, lies in the Alpha and Beta blood which are supposed to be maintained in balance. 


The Father sent me specifically to teach humanity, everything they have been denied, about their true history, and who / what we are as a species historically, now, and in the future. Through understanding, humanity as whole, will finally comprehend, you are not a separate individual, you are but a monad given an Avatar to share experiences with others in your dimensional plane of existence, and you are ALL connected to the same Source, via quantum entanglement. You are but reflections of each other, based on your vibrations and only in harmony will humanity thrive and continue to exist.


Yeshua / Jesus was sent as example to show you what, anyone can seek to become, and many dropped the ball and decided to worship him instead, which is something he never asked for, nor wished for. He asked you to become to like him, through his blood.


Through my work and teachings, you can and will learn to obtain what he was and he has in order to become exactly like him, God in the Flesh-Body, the sum of all things in the Universe.


TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.


They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.


I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.


But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the Princes.


Arise, O God, judge the Earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.


As an amalgamated / hybridized species made up of various starseeds and energetic admixtures currently together on this galactic journey, we have just entered a new cosmic cycle that will allow us to become greater than any prior genetic seedings that has come before. This is entirely due to the blood gene fusion of the CIS AB- line. The holy Trinity of energies found in the CIS AB- Merovingian line (the bloodline of Christ) delineates the pinnacle of potential that can result when all the energies are working together in perfect union. The CIS AB- type contains all the blood energies of the Alpha, Beta, and Omega along with rh- Alpha Draconian being in the mix, and results in a species that surpasses both the Alpha Draconians and the Annunaki themselves.


The eventual restoration of the Schumann Resonance, will allow us to upgrade ourselves to be in accordance with the next dimensional level of consciousness available to us, which occurs once you get past the limitations of the 3D state.


As a species, we are very capable of making a quantum leap to the next level of evolution. We hope that our work here in this Dragon School will allow you to propel yourself, as well as your entire bloodline, to the highest consciousness level possible, enabling you to ascend up the Harmonic Universe using the higher frequency scales available to you once you gain the knowledge to do so.

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