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Based on the spectroscopic studies of the different blood types all types have generally the same electromagnetic-radiant peaks which are measured in nanometers (nm).

When converted into sound frequency these bloodtypes resonate at the G note of 397 hz - 398 hz and given most instruments fluctuate tone up and down 1 to 2 hz, the whole spectrum of bloodtypes can easily be covered and better yet activated by tuning to 397 or 398 hz. This track is meant to put the listener in sympathetic resonance with their blood in order to bring about remembrance from and of their ancestral line on this planet along with the accumulative knowledge of that ancestral line. Knowledge which inevitably stems from celestial origins.

Each zodiac has a signature note (frequency range) which resonates with its qualities. 12 (with the 13th as the center point of integration) is an archetypal number which is found throughout our natural make-up. 12 zodiacs, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 cranial nerves, 12 cell salts of the human body, 12 apostles of Christ, 12 members of the celestial council, 12 gates of Jerusalem, 12 DNA strands (2 being physical and 10 being aetheric)and 12 notes to an octave.

When tuning in perfect harmonics the final ratio that brings order before the decimal number falls into chaos is 13/12. Hence why there are 12 tones aside from microtuning methods such as Vedic tuning where in some cases 88 notes (88 constellations) were harmonically fit in before the root frequency doubles to create the octave. The completion of the octave symbolizes the 13th zodiac which is at the center of the wheel, Ophiuchus, the Serpent/Dragon bearer. The one who has mastered the whole wheel and returned to his or her archetypal source of Atman embodiment. 

It's said that if the material is more easily bendable one needs at least 12 spokes to create a wheel that can evenly disperse weight in a way that it can support extra weight while rolling without collaping. Using the least amount to get the job done is most optimal, therefore it is nature's go-to method in creation, hence the wheel of 12 zodiacs. 

These tones have been tuned in perfect harmonics of C528 hz. It's ideal to listen to all 12 in order to bring about consciousness and embodiment of the 13th (integrative) zodiac. Below is a list of each zodiac's note and which specific frequency of said note the track resonates at in terms of octaves.

For example Virgo is the C note 264 hz, but this also includes 264 x 2 hz which is 528 hz. Aquarius is the A note 440 hz which despite common claims is actually a very beneficial tone when used in a properly harmonized chord and its lower octave of 110 hz activates the right hemisphere of the brain and opens of the subconscious mind so it can be worked with. 528/440 is a perfect 6/5ths ratio. It's equal temperament that makes modern music dissonant, not what A is tuned to. Even 432 hz in equal temperament will be dissonant, instead Justonic intonation makes it to where any frequency can be of beneficial harmony.



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