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Kabbalah is a field of study that explains the nature of the Universe and the way that it manifests on the physical plane. The interdependent movements of matter and energy that make up our reality, are represented by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which is a type of chart that depicts how energy flows from a higher level of existence into a lower one. The circles on the tree of life are called the Sephirots, with each circle representing the various gateways that exist. The lines are emanations, aka bridges that show how energy flows. Each Sephirot corresponds with specific characteristics / personality traits that are assigned (coded) into your dna upon conception. Our body is a portal system, and our dna allows access to those portals. Once you understand the nature of the Universe and how energy flows, you can open, access, and direct, at will, these gateways / portals inside your mind by channeling your energy through the methodology that will be disclosed in this course. Doing so, will enable you to achieve a type of activation that will give you a distinct mind-body advantage by allowing you to expand your consciousness beyond your current limitations.

In addition, this course will cover the holy trinity of energy of the Alpha (Mind), Omega (Body) and Beta (Soul), as well as provide details on the various blood types and the role that genetics play in the flow of energy. The fundamentals on how frequencies work and how energy manifests itself, will be discussed in detail, allowing you to understand both the energetic structure and the nature of the Universe all the way from the macrocosm to the microcosm.

This course will enable you to comprehend the mechanics of this reality, permitting you to grasp highly advanced esoteric concepts centered around the mastery of energy and the mastery of the elements. The knowledge contained therein will enable you to become fully embodied, activated, and balanced in mind, body, and spirit based on the understanding that each person is a microcosm of the entire universe. The microcosm is the perceived physical body which is made observable through our own felt experience.

Part of our galactic journey through the cosmos and the reason for us being here to begin with, is to refine and perfect the energy known to us as the self. This refining process is the true purpose of Kabbalah. The Kabbalistic mystery school teachings use esoteric codes to reflect the fact that the the energy contained within our vessels, mirrors the nature of the Universe referred to as 'great and small heavenly circles.' The 'small heavenly circle' reflects the microcosm that 'is you' as a being. By understanding your own nature and potential, you will understand the nature of the Divine, which is what makes up the macrocosm, aka the 'great heavenly circle.'

Partaking in this course, will empower you to unlock the potential housed within your own 'heavenly circle,' allowing you to fully understand who you are, what you are, how you operate, your purpose here, and most importantly, how you can apply this knowledge to live your best life.

Kabbalah - The Energetic Structure of The Universe Booklet

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