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The following is a blood frequency activation meditative music track that was specially created for Tribal Knowledge Academy by Trevor McGrath and is specifically designed to activate blood using 398 hz octaves and harmonics.


Here is how it works, in Trevor's own words: Based on the spectroscopic studies of the different blood types, all types have generally the same electromagnetic-radiant peaks which are measured in nanometers (nm). When converted into sound frequency these bloodtypes resonate at the G note of 397 hz - 398 hz and given most instruments fluctuate tone up and down 1 to 2 hz, the whole spectrum of bloodtypes can easily be covered and better yet activated by tuning to 397 or 398 hz.


This track is meant to put the listener in sympathetic resonance with their blood in order to bring about remembrance from and of their ancestral line on this planet along with the accumulative knowledge of that ancestral line. Knowledge which inevitably stems from celestial origins.

Blood Frequency Activation

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