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Urðarbrunnr (Old Norse "Well of Urðr"; either referring to a Germanic concept of fate—urðr—or the norn named Urðr) is a well in Norse mythology. Urðarbrunnr is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In both sources, the well lies beneath the world tree Yggdrasil, and is associated with a trio of norns (Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld). In the Prose Edda, Urðarbrunnr is cited as one of three wells existing beneath three roots of Yggdrasil that reach into three distant, different lands; the other two wells being Hvergelmir, located beneath a root in Niflheim, and Mímisbrunnr, located beneath a root near the home of the frost Jötnar. Scholarly theory and speculation surrounds the well. In the Poetic Edda, Urðarbrunnr is mentioned in stanzas 19 and 20 of the poem Völuspá, and stanza 111 of the poem Hávamál. In stanza 19 of Völuspá, Urðarbrunnr is described as being located beneath Yggdrasil, and that Yggdrasil, an ever-green Ash-tree, is covered with white mud or loam. Stanza 20 describes that three norns (Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld) "come from" the well, here described as a "lake", and that this trio of norns then "set down laws, they chose lives, for the sons of men the fates of men." Stanza 111 of Hávamál has been the matter of much debate and is considered unclear, having been referred to as "mysterious", "obscure and much-debated". Benjamin Thorpe translates the stanza as: Time 'tis to discourse from the preacher's chair. By the well of Urd I silent sat, I saw and meditated, I listened to men's words. In chapter 15 of Gylfaginning, a book of the Prose Edda, the throned figure of Just-As-High tells Gangleri (described as King Gylfi in disguise) about Yggdrasil and its roots. Just-As-High describes three roots that support Yggdrasil that stretch a great distance. The third root is located "among the Æsir", "extends to heaven" and, beneath it, is the "very holy" Urðarbrunnr. Just-As-High details that, every day, the gods ride over the bridge Bifröst to hold court at the well. High provides more information regarding the well in chapter 16. High says that there are many beautiful places in heaven, and "everywhere there is divine protection around it." There, a beautiful hall stands under the Ash (Yggdrasil) near the well (Urðarbrunnr), and from this hall come "three maidens" whose names are Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld. The maidens shape the lives of men, and "we call them norns". High goes on to describe that there are other norns, and their nature. Further into chapter 16, High states that norns that dwell by Urðarbrunnr take water from the well and mud that lies around it, and pour it over the Yggdrasil so that its branches do not decay or rot. The water is described as so holy that anything that enters the well will become "as white as the membrane called the skin that lies round the inside of the eggshell." High then quotes stanza 19 of Völuspá, and states that two swans feed from the well, from which all other swans descend. Chapter 17 starts off with Gangleri asking what other "chief centres" exist outside of Urðarbrunnr. Two sections of the book Skáldskaparmál reference Urðarbrunnr. The first reference is in section 49, where a fragment of a work by the 10th century skald Kormákr Ögmundarson is recited in explaining how "Odin's fire" is a kenning for a sword. The passage reads "A sword is Odin's fire, as Kormak said: Battle raged when the feeder of Grid's steed [wolf], he who waged war, advanced with ringing Gaut [Odin's] fire" and that Urðr "rose from the well." Urðarbrunnr is mentioned a second time in section 52 of Skáldskaparmál, this time associated with Christ. The section states that early skalds once referred to Christ in relation to Urðarbrunnr and Rome, and quotes the late 10th century skald Eilífr Goðrúnarson, who states that "thus has the powerful king of Rome increased his realm with lands of heath-land divinities [giants; i.e. heathen lands]" and that Christ is said to have his throne south of Urðarbrunnr.

This is not a single region but an array of underground springs and wells that connect the various regions to the 'Water of Life' the Gods would consume to prolong their lifespans. Connections to the Well were cut off when Enlil decreed that Men were to no longer live more than 120 years, which was a result of Aesir - Vanir Wars. The Source I will not disclose, do not ask. I will only tell you, the Source and original Well of Urd still exists in this world. It was known as the Fountain of Life. The Legendary Well that granted immortality to all those who drank from it, because it would instantly unlock all the latest 'junk' DNA in your genetic code, transforming the Avatar back to it's Original state before the collapse or possibly something even beyond it. Enlil in no way, shape or form, wanted this to become available to the humans whom he did not trust, nor like. The Norns who were assigned to protect it were original female Titan descendants who sided with the Light during the Titan Wars. Because of their loyalty and refusal to betray the Annunaki, a few blood lines were chosen to act as the protectors for the Well of Urd system, in case that any faction decided to utilize it's powers for ill-intent, or disrupt the flow of energy to Earth's systems. They swore an Oath, to protect the Well and the secret of the Fountain of Youth / Water of Life from all who would seek it, and destroy anyone who threatened the Earth itself through it's waters. This included Gods and Devils alike. All were subject to their whims and fates if they so decreed. They could starve a region of energy to make it's inhabitants suffer, or let it flow abundantly granting bliss and prosperity as well freedom from sickness and ill-health to the region receiving it. None dared challnege the Fates as a result, knowing their fates would be intertwined and they could lead Men and Gods alike to their salvation or destruction. The secret behind the Well's power is the fact that water retains memory and think of consuming water that still holds the energetic patterns and frequency of the dimensions we once existed in before the collpase of Atlantis. Every cell in your body is revitalized and it increases stem cell regeneration by 10,000%. Throughout history many have sought this 'Fountain of Youth' but none remember it's location. Noah / Ziasudra was the first human to learn of it's secrets and possibly one of the last.

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