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In Norse Mythology, Midgard means "middle-ground" and is the realm that humans and mortals dwell - though it is not uncommon for the Gods and other mythological creatures to make an appearance, most prominently, Jörmungandr. The realm was created from the corpse of Ymir by Odin, Vili and Ve. Midgard is Us, Earth, and you are currently here. I will not get into any huge discussions about it as a result, since you can simply look around you and see what Earth is like. I will tell you the key fundamental difference though between then and now, everything was 1000x the size of what it is currently, and even humans were no less than 8-12 feet in height before the collapse of Atlantis, over 10000 years ago. The Earth itself has dropped from the 5D, back down to the retro 3D and we are living in the 8 bit version of the original 1080 HD.

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