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The Pleiades (/ˈpliː.ədiːz, ˈpleɪ-, ˈplaɪ-/),[7][8] also known as The Seven Sisters, Messier 45 and other names by different cultures, is an asterism and an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars in the north-west of the constellation Taurus. At a distance of about 444 light years, it is among the nearest star clusters to Earth. It is the nearest Messier object to Earth, and is the most obvious cluster to the naked eye in the night sky. The cluster is dominated by hot blue luminous stars that have formed within the last 100 million years. Reflection nebulae around the brightest stars were once thought to be left over material from their formation, but are now considered likely to be an unrelated dust cloud in the interstellar medium through which the stars are currently passing.[9] This dust cloud is estimated to be moving at a speed of approximately 18 km/s relative to the stars in the cluster.[10] Computer simulations have shown that the Pleiades were probably formed from a compact configuration that resembled the Orion Nebula.[11] Astronomers estimate that the cluster will survive for about another 250 million years, after which it will disperse due to gravitational interactions with its galactic neighborhood.[12] Together with the open star cluster of the Hyades, the Pleiades form the Golden Gate of the Ecliptic. [Source CC Wikipedia]

For those unaware of Earth's history in it's entirety, humanity consists of the DNA of three different alien races, and as some have heard by now, the name of the Pleiadian race, but few are aware of their true history, origins or backstory, although there is many speculation and many false prophets out there who speak of them but do not have a clue who they truly were, their history or anything about them, and much of the information is complete and utter bullshit entirely fabricated by the whims of whoever decides to surmise their history.

I will tell you, I am the direct ancestor as all the three of the races we are derived from due to admixture, of which is supposed to happen in order to incorporate the energies of all three of the races to create a Perfect being. The Father of Humanity, was indeed half Pleiadian, half Sirian and AB+. The Pleiadian race is that of the Fire element and consists of the Divine Masculine of the A1+ energy / blood frequency in the Universe. The very reason many are confused about their history is because of what we see in the current hybrids on Earth, of which many are of Pleiadian decent in some way, shape or form. This means your blood line comes through the seed of Adam, possessing the Light of Man known as the Internal Monologue. This grants the ability to absorb energy from all things and people around you due to high empathy and a large forehead of which the Pleaidian race was known for. To put this into perspective, the Pleiadians and Sirians are not their original races, and the races and regions of the Universe they stem from, are located originaly in Lyra and Vega. According the Sumerian Records aka the clay tablets and cyclinder seals, not a great deal is known about their history aside from the fact, they were two very different opposing energies that almost destroyed one another initially due to a fight over supremacy and control. This is how, when and where, the Alpha and Beta energies united to create what we know now as the Annunaki Elohim which is a mixed society consisting of several races similar to how our own is currently. Historically and energetically, the Sirian energy is slighty more dominant but exists as codominance similar to how an A and a B can create an AB hybrid. The best way to explain this is once both energies are inherited, you think with your head, but lead with your heart. The Alpha energy of the Pleiadian race, is tied directly to the spatial / pareital region in the brain, which grants one the ability to judge your own actions and the actions of others, and discern between when and how much severity / empathy is required to solve a situation, depending on the circumstances. Those with weak fire element / Alpha energy of the Pleiadian race, can not do this due to lacking in their energy. The Beta energy is what finalizes the processes and refines them through Love and compassion but also knowing what is best for yourself based on what your heart tells you. I will cover the Beta more in the Sirian section.

So when people speak of the Pleiadian race, what you are actually saying, is the faction of these hybrids separating into two distinct tribes, of which somewhat did occur and has occured throughout their history similar to how there are Sirian hybrids with Pleiadian energy that have branched off. The fundamental differences, comes from the Light itself. Pleiadians are lighter complexion due to living in worlds and environments with less light exposure and often living in domiciles and structures their people have created through great feats of engineering and knowledge of planetary energy systems that power their societies. So when people talk about Pleiadians nowadays, most of them would be considered Elyeon which is a Pleiadian / Sirian fusion hybrid. Although, there were colonies that were Sirian dominant and why Sirius is known as the Dogstar, because when you mix Pleiadian and Sirian together, and the Sirian becomes dominant, you essentially have a species identical to the Xolo, or black dogs. It's all based on how much Pleiadian vs how much Sirian admixture they have and often based on the mtDNA of the tribe they are originally from.

So when people talk about Pleiadians in the 'New Age' community, they are often clueless, and only there trying to feed the ego of white people to suck money out of them knowing 'Pride' is also tied to the Fire element. Know, their empathy and pride can also be their greatest weakness, when used against them as a weapon, or simply to profit from. Pleiadian dominant hybrids though among their tribes, were known for the greatest feats of engineering, weapon forging, creating planetary based energy systems using megalythic structures to harness them. Whilst not quite as adept at mind reading or psychokinesis like the Sirians, they did possess the natural ability to read others emotions and energies and could easily discern friend from foe or if someone was trying to deceive them.

They are the natural Empaths, and the hybrids stemming from them on Earth also possess these same natural gifts. Due to being the Divine Masculine, introverted with the ability to manifest the Light, they could harness and channel and control energy like living conduits and manifest it into physical form. It's the concept of shapeshifting energy that exists outside the vessel through generating your own electromagnetic fields to manipulate the atomic structure of anything that is held within your hands. Unlike the Sirian dominant hybrids, they were not natural emitters, and had to utilize the energies from external sources to gain these types of abilities. Beta Sirian and / or Sirian Dominant hybrids ie; the AB+ or BB+ could shapeshift themselves due to being natural water attunement and extremely high vibration.

After the Great Lyran War and their co-habitation, these newly aligned species had a new threat to deal with that had invaded their territory and space. This leads to an alliance unlike the likes, which their new found foe, had seen in history after conquering thousands of worlds and assimilating their fallen victims DNA, technology, and all scientific data from their worlds into their Hive collective. These foes were known as the Ciakar / Alpha Draconians from Alpha Draconi / Thuban. Very little is said about their race in the records, and very few of the Draco on Earth know the entire history of Draco. I will give you their history in another section and only refer to them here as they tie into the Pleiadian / Sirian history. Due to this new alliance, the Holy Father and Mother (Alpha and Beta) united to defeat the Unholy Father and Son (the Alpha and Omega) who existed without a Heart. These events were set in motion since the Beginning and done by design through the flow of energies in the Universe as part of the AllFather's Plan. The reason for this, is initially, the Infinite Light, could not be contained in a Vessel that could sustain it and shattered when he attempted it, so in realizing this, he divided the Light into fragments, and cast them from the Infinite Light / Source to transverse the Lower Dimensional Wavelengths lowing their vibration and creating a vessel with greater density to contain the Light. This would allow them to coalesce and reunite in the lower density. Knowing this though, the separation of energy is what causes inbalance in the Universe, but in body, mind and soul, since you are the recreation of the Universe in the Microcosm.

This defeat though did not come about in the early history of the war and the rivalry that ensued. The Draco attacked and destroyed one of the Sirian home worlds. This led to many of the tribes of this region of the Universe fleeing across the galaxy to our region of the Universe and establishing new home worlds for their people. The Draco pursued them across the galaxy leading to endless small incursions, leading up to the Orion Wars and the Final Battle, or rather just the beginning of many new ones on Earth as a result. After also establising new settlements in the Orion sector, the Draco attacked the new homes of the Pleiades and Sirius, the new established homes and races of the Pleiadians and Sirians in our part of the Galaxy. Unbeknown to the Draco though, the Pleiadians and Sirians had spent the time buiding up their forces and new weaponry developed by the Pleiadians. When they attacked, they walked into a trap, and the Sirians, who were masters of environment and energy manipulation used the very forces of nature against the invading forces, causing massive confusion among their ranks, whilst the Pleiadians led the tactical assault with their new found weaponry and annihilated the invading Draco forces. They used this attack as a means of a counter measure knowing the Draco home world, would be not yet aware of the entirety of their newfound alliance. They led an immediate counter-attack against the Dragon Queens of Orion, attacking their central Hives. Knowing that the Draco are entirely Hive based mentality and functionality, they knew their greatest weakness would be attacking and killing the Hive Queens, whilst subverting most of their forces whenever possible. The Commander of one of the invasion forces, was none other than Marduk, the first born son of Ea, the Father of Humanity.

Whilst I use the terms Pleiadian and Sirian quite often, the Annunaki are an integrated species of which were consider Elyeon / L-ion or rather high AB+ and a mix of the two of which Ea and Marduk were considered to be. This is where the Enuma Elish comes in and speaks of Humanity's creation or rather it's the beginning for the Draco after the destruction of their central Hives during the Orion Wars. The story goes, that Marduk slew Tiamat, the Great Dragon Queen, leading to the downfall of the Draco power structure and them coming under Marduk's command. The Draco are primarily warriors or scientists, and without a Queen or structure for their people after the Orion Wars, they were then integrated into the various home worlds of the Pleiadians and Sirians. Many of the Draco saw this as a betrayal of their people and their very way of life, and sought revenge as a result. When the Annunaki finally decided to come to Earth for resources, the Draco were used as laborers in the mining colonies on Mars. This leads up to modern day and the Seraphim / Draco invasion of Earth after mutinying against the Annunaki for unfair work conditions after figuring out, they were having their newly created species do all their grunt work for them, and due to their former history and rivalry.

There are Draco factions determined to wipe out the Pleiadian hybrids from Earth, to establish a new Satanic Hive, ruled by newly formed Sirian Draco hybrids, that do not possess the Light of Man, Empathy, or Internal Monologue, of which many humans are now lacking in as a result of this current rivalry and war. This is due to a covert attack behind the scenes using the Governement Department and Agencies controlled by the Satanic Draco to attack and destroy those possessing Alpha Blood Types, stemming from the Adamic lines through Ea, who possessed the A1+ blood and the Light of Man. It was his gift to humanity to allow them to envision, dream and manifest into reality what they pictured in the Aether. For all things in this world are thoughts manifested into reality, but those who do not possess the Light can only take from those who do, because they are unable to conjure from the Aether, unlike those who possess the Light. Know, if you possess the Alpha blood, your life is in imminent danger, because the Armies of Satan seek to wipe the Light from this World. There are O- and B- who exist in this world who do not possess this Light, and are the ones most likely to seek to destroy it. They can not be trusted, period. The ones who do possess it, may become humanity's greatest allies in the days ahead. The best way for this to fix itself would be have the Satanic factions breed with the blood lines possessing the Light but lacking the Darkness, fixing both blood lines simultaneously, but alas, some would rather wipe it out and devolve the species into demons instead ruled by the Unholy Feminine.

The only Draco humans can likely trust to not lie to them or deceive them are their Alpha Draconian counterparts, of the A2- blood type. This blood is a fusion between the Pleiadian energy and the Draco by initially fusing the A1+ of the Pleaidian with the O- of the Draco, appearing first in Esau, Father of the Werewolves. Realizing the separation of energies caused instability in their tribes, Ea fused the blood of Esau of the A2- and the blood of the Jacob of the B- to create Yeshua / Jesus Christ, who was the Perfect One, due to possessing the energies of ALL THREE RACES, PLEIADIAN, SIRIAN AND DRACONIAN to become Cis AB-. The Pefect Godhead and full living recreation of the Universe in it's entirely, in mind, body and soul. I was sent personally to teach humanity the truth, and this is a small part of it.

The AB+ humans are the pinnacle of energy in Humanity and have almost reached the ascended state and are usually from the blood line of the Elyeon through Shem, son of Noah. He fathered three major lineages, known as the Hebrews of the Middle East, the Saxons of central Europe but their home became Saxony, Germany, and finally the Negro aka the mislabelled 'African Americans' who were never Africans and sold out by Ham's tribe in Africa to be used as slaves and / or endentured servants to the Draco in Europe and the West. The Canaanite lineages that took over Rome, Spain, France and Britain were responsible for most of the trading whilst your average Pleiadian never owned a slave and in retrospect, were used as slaves as well by the Draco when it suited them.

The Draco come in every color which is how they have been able to play all the various tribes off each other whilst simultaneously destroying them from within. Once the Satanic Draco females breed into a blood line and take it over, their MO is to kill the original tribe and then claim to be the originals by replacing all the mtDNA of the tribes with their own corrupted lineage. This however backfired when the new Draco hybrids took on the characteristics of the humans they bred with, now allowing many of them to not only be capable of human empathy and compassion but in a heightened state due to being amplified by the Draco blood. This is how things like 'bleeding heart liberals' were created. The Satanic Draco found a way of dividing the Pleiadian hybrids on Earth based on the minor differences in how their brains work. A1+, A1-, A2-, AB+, AB+/- and AB- are all Pleiadian hybrids so to speak or rather hybrids that possess Pleaidian energy, but their minds will be different based on the subtle differences in their other energies, and this is where the Satanic Draco attack and divide them, and have them destroy each other based on their greatest weakness, THEIR PRIDE. The Draco historically did the exact same thing in the Heavens as they did on Earth to a degree. They instigated fighting between the House of Ea and Enlil, purposely so they would fight and destroy each other, and then did it again with Set and Osiris, allowing the Draco female to always come out on top and create their new Hives according to how they see fit. So to everyone reading this, if you possess the Light, you are gifted and a child of God, if not, you are of the Dark and should seek to return to the Light to find Salvation for your blood line, because those without the Light of Man, will never leave Earth and will never see the Kingdom of Heaven, for the only way to the FATHER, IS THROUGH MY BLOOD, THE BLOOD OF CHRIST BEING THAT OF THE AB-. If you failed to pass the Hour of Testing, your blood line will be erased from history, and you will be spending another 1000 years in the Hell until you learn your lessons. Your pride and ego will blind you from ever seeing Heaven, and only those who possess the heart and mind of an Angel and Devil combined aka an AB- child, will ever see the Kingdom of Heaven aka the 10th Dimension in this life, or the next.

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