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Arcturus is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Boötes. With an apparent visual magnitude of −0.05,[2] it is the third-brightest of the individual stars in the night sky, and the brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere. The name Arcturus originated from ancient Greece; it was then cataloged as α Boötis by Johann Bayer in 1603, which is Latinized to Alpha Boötis. Arcturus forms one corner of the Spring Triangle asterism. Located relatively close at 36.7 light-years from the Sun, Arcturus is a single[7] red giant of spectral type K1.5III—an aging star around 7.1 billion years old that has used up its core hydrogen and evolved off the main sequence. It is about the same mass as the Sun, but has expanded to 25 times its size and is around 170 times as luminous. Its diameter is 35 million kilometres. Thus far no companion has been detected. [Source CC Wikipedia]

For those unaware of the races of our galaxy, there are four primary races that exist here and a 5th that was much rather an invading force. I will cover the major one that played a role in our history, but was somewhat left out of the books and for good reason when you understand who and what these people are and what they represent in the Universe, based on their energies and the Path they follow. The race I speak of is known as the Arcturians, a race that would be our Galaxys' equivalent of the pure Sirian race but with some major differences. Based on the Sumerian Records, it is believed that during our history the Arcturian race has been involved in overseeing the Terra Project undertaken by the Annunaki through the wishes and oversight of the AllFather due to his daughters' wish. Earth was originally established by the Mother of the Universe known as Sophia, the Essence of Wisdom manifested and the Divine Feminine in the Universe. Like all mothers, she sought for a creation that was her own, that she could watch over and care for like any mother would. This is why she moved so far away from the other Perfect Ones, and the First Formless Ones. In their Perfection, they had no need for someone to care for them, so she sought a being, that was less than perfect, and established the first beings on Earth long ago — simple minded and incomplete, but ones she could watch over. The AllFather knew of her yearning and saw the beings she had created, knowing the were far from the Perfect Ones. So he orchestrated the events that were set in motion a long time ago and purposely brought the races of the Pleiadians, Sirians and Draconians, to this part of the Universe, leading them to add their energies to her creation and advancing the Terra Project, and starting anew, the path to create beings greater than all those who came before them due to the merging of the energies that never existed within the same time / space before.

The Arcturians watched over the ensuing wars between the various factions but were told not to get involved thus yet, for it would hinder the AllFather's Plan. Once the Annunaki (Pleiadians / Sirians ) established the new Terra colony, he used a representative of the Arcturian Race, to deceive the Annunaki into staying on and looking after the creation they had created, and in doing so, kept them here, intermixing creating newer hybrids, never seen before in the Universe. The being named Galzu was chosen to be the representative of Anu to the Annunaki on Earth, but he was not chosen by Anu, but the AllFather, and this deception was needed to see the Terra Project through to the end.

Historically, their race does not get involved directly with other races and exists at an extremely high vibration on par with the Sirians, but they are more predominantly right brained, frontal lobe based beings, and the essence of water. As a result their mental abilties far exceed the Sirians race in terms of psycho-kinesis, telepathy, and can even bend the time / space fabric at will through sheer mental prowess. Their greatest abiltiies are that of shapeshifting to become and look like any race their species encounters. Chameleons of the highest caliber. Whilst they do possess the abiltiy of speech, their preferred method of communication is telepathy due to the ability to 'feel' the words which prevents things from being misintepreted or lost in translation. They can read your vibrations as they see fit due to being majority water based creatures, similar to how we are 70% water, they would be up in the range of 85%-90%.

Their roles in our Universe have always been direct servants of AllFather to be the 'Peacekeepers' and 'Timecops' of our part of the Galaxy and the ones who first established the Council of Five, which was the eventual union, of races of our galaxy in conjuction with the Draco faction that was defeated during the Orion Wars. The Antarans are the 5th Race of the Council of 5 of which I will cover in their section. The Council was established to prevent further wars ensuing among the races, but the Terra Project threw some of them back in the pot together, but this time it was for the intention of them learning to kiss and make up and make babies together, and create newer hybrids out of the creation Sophia had created here so long ago. This led to the gene manipulation experiments by the Annunaki and Draco for various different reasons, but the end result was the eventual admixture of their blood / genes resulting in these current hybrids — which lead to upgrading them to new levels of energy and consciousness. Brand new Avatar models, with all the bells and whistles, except when some of the Draco had learned of this, and the entire reason for the AllFathers 'project', they decided to go full tilt, against the grand design and do everything in their power to destroy the new species, as payback for what had been done to their own, instead of realizing that now they have the ability TO SURPASS THEM.

The entire purpose and involvement of the Arcturians was to act as watchdogs over the new Draco hybrids that were yet to be stabilized from failing to balance their energies by avoiding breeding with the Blood Line of Adam, possessing the Light of Man and keep them in check if need be by sabotaging their genocidal plot by sending Arcturian Starseeds, into the current species as 'Trojan Horses' to expose the genocidal plot. They were specifically given this mission, which was not unlike my own, but their focus was dealing with people on a personal level among the spiritual community to make sure they did not fall into the traps laid by the False Prophets who serve Satan. They are the ones who have been trying to tell you, YOU ARE GODS, yet you chose to betray the very gifts given to you by the Father and listen to the advice of the Unholy Mother, who is only there to spew hatred and lies, and turn everyone selfish and sadistic. The Arcturians can dispel dark energy upon contact, by emitting the purest frequency of compassion and heal not only body, but the soul as well. Consider them the 'Baptizers' of our universe in a sense. They are masters of healing through frequency, and can control the water in almost every dimensional wavelength. Their cultures are spiritual based, and recognition of AllFather, the Cycles and the Divine Order, is what they adhere to. Observing the 'Flow of Time' they can predict the outcome of events long before they happen and possess natural Foresight in addition to their psychokinetic, and telepathic abilities. Mind control, mind reading, taking possession of lower dimensional entities, warping and manipulating the time / space fabric, are all well within their abiltiies to the point they can even stop / reverse the flow of time to some degree within a specified space. Knowing about the Satanic Draco factions love for war, they took precautionary measures to disable all nuclear devices some time ago that held the capacity to fire, and this was simply to prevent the Draco from using them to annihilate most of the world's population given the opportunity. There are no nuclear warheads currently on Earth that have any capacity to do any serious degree of damage thanks to their involvement. They are not allowing the Draco to destroy the current species until the Annunaki home world gets involved again. When they do, all hell will break lose on Earth, because the Satanic faction who betrayed not only them, but then attempted to destroy their creation, will be dealt with personally. Ea is the Peacekeeper among the two brothers, Enki is the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Upon their return, Ea will be the one assigned the task of dealing with humanity, whilst Enki will be out hunting down and killing all the Satanic factions who betrayed them, and corrupted his beloved Tribes of Israel. These are Draco of the O- and B- who almost achieved balance and became somewhat good people, although their nature is still selfish, they can be the most loving and honarable people on Earth, which is why Enki loved them and refused to turn his back on them, even after destroying them over and over for being selfish and turning their back on him and worshipping other Annunaki. He specifically states in the Bible that he left his Tribes of Israel to settle with the Canaanites purposely, so that when he returns, all those who turn their back on him, will be destroyed along with them. This was the test he left for his people.

So in conclusion, the Arcturians whilst never being a part of our species per se, have indeed played a major role in it's history in ancient times, up to modern day, acting as the overseers and mediators, peacekeepers and healers of our Galaxy. They consider humans currently to be too violent and primitive to ever attempt communication with our current species under the current Satanic Draco control. In the future, there will be ones chosen from among our race to be asked to join them, in their quests and journeys across the Universe, simply overseeing new projects designed by the AllFather and keeping some of the more aggressive species in check. One must speak the language of the Heart and and understand Severity and Mercy to qualify to become a part of their tribes. Their blood frequency is that of the Beta energy and similar to the Sirians, they are ever only selfish in their desires and have a tendency to 'flirt' with other species trying to see what kind of hybrids they could create out of sheer curiosity. So it's more than plausible they have been involved with some genetic experimentation on Earth as well, along with many other species seeking our DNA due to it possessing all the energies in the Universe, quite literally. So if you ever meet one, hold no negative emotions within you, because they can read your thoughts and already know what you want. 

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