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Johnathan Mercedes

My name is Johnathan Mercedes. Son of an Aesir and Vanir, or rather the Light and Dark Tribes. Sent by the Serpent, the true Father of Humanity, to teach humanity what was hidden from them. Expert in blood lines, genetics, neuropathology, or it may be simply easier to tell you I am Master of Energy and One of Six Paths. 


Under Tribal Knowledge Academy, you will learn every aspect of the known and unknown Universe, scientific, historical, esoteric, I cover almost every topic. 

I was the Grand Vizier to the House of Ea and First Proctor of the Brotherhood of the Snake as well as the original founder of the true Order of the Pheonix. I am from the Root of David and the Jewish Messiah. Told of all events to come over 33 years ago, I have waited over 3300 years since the destruction of ancient Babylon and Sumer, to set things right. 

This is not my first cycle. The being you knew as Jesus / Yeshua was our Father's last attempt to bring peace to this world until his return. He sat at the Right Hand of God, whilst I sat at his Left. He sent me to prepare for His return and the Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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