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For this section I will be covering the House of the Fire Dragons. Similar to their Earth counterparts in blood and design, except these hybrids are known to possess the Alpha type energy as well. Since the first Aeons, most of the Dragonic races were Earth and Fire types save for a few rare exceptions. Water Dragons were somewhat more rare, or rather due to their natural environment, may have been encountered far less than the others. The Fire Dragons were the breakaway castes that came after inheriting the Alpha energy, and the original Alpha Draconian race were ruled by the Fire / Air Dragons. The key differences between these types and the Earth type was their level of independence and somewhat aggressive nature by comparison to their somewhat more peaceful Earth counterparts. This lead to the internal Hive Wars of the Draco Empire. This gave the Draco a sense of pride, ego, honor, and a ruthless nature leading the Alpha Draconians to conquer many worlds and empires, trying to integrate their technology and viable genetics into their own collectives.

The key differences between the original Ciakar and the Alpha Draconian race was the collapse of 'central hives' which the Alpha Draco saw as a weakness, due to the destruction of a colony following the death of a central Hive Queen. Their new found energy allowed them to function of their own accord without the need or use of a central Hive Queen instructing them. So as much of a blessing, this brought about a curse as well. Their somewhat incompleteness, meaning, they still lacked the Beta type, led to endless efforts, to incorporate this new found energy type into the central structures, and they found their primary targets / subjects among the Sirian tribes of the Annunaki, leading to a full scale assault and full blown war in their attempt to subjugate and incorporate them. They found out the hard way, the Alpha and Omega does not equate to the energy output of an Alpha Beta, which is how and why they lost the war. The Tin Men sought to obtain a heart and were willing to kill for it. This led to their down fall though, because of the heart of the Sirian can not be defeated. They will fight to the death to protect the things they love most. This was more than just a war over genetics to them. They fought for their very way of life, their people and their home worlds.

The Fire Dragons views were somewhat different and they believed that in their conquest and path of scientific technological advancement they could create the perfect species, when in retrospect, the design and ability to do so, was granted and given to them by the AllFather in the first place, by simply having their species interbreed. So make love not war, is what the Alpha Draconians learned from their loss during the Orion Wars. Afterwards, many of these types of Dragons were then offered positions among the Annunaki society so long as they promised to no longer try and fight with them, and simply integrate with them as they sought to, but on their terms, and not the Dracos. This led to a somewhat uneasy alliance that benefitted both sides. The Draco were allowed to continue their research on the Beta energy and the Annunaki benefitted from the advancements of the Draco technology, of which, the advancements in biomedical / energy stations became an integral part of Annunaki society. The Pleiadian tribes who also possessed the Alpha type, worked often side by side them after the Orion Wars together in the fields of engineering and creating advanced planetary energy systems in hopes of finding a way of restoring the atmospheric shielding on their home worlds that had depleted due to a massive brown dwarf exposure. So again, their roles and abilities slightly varied, but the secret behind their abilities was once the Alpha energy / blood was obtained, they could now absorb vast amounts of light and heat energy alike, dramatically increasing their body temperatures beyond what most could fathom, leading to their energies emanating a literal auric field that could burn those that came into contact with them. They were the equivalent of a solar cell. Although with this new found blessing, came a curse, attempting to absorb and utilize too much energy could lead them to spontaneously combusting. They would use this ability as a last resort 'kill / suicide' in battle to take their opponents out with them in a last ditch effort, knowing they could lose. This technique was passed down to the O- lineages of the Draco who bred into Cain's line. This was the primary reason the 'Higher Ups' pulled the plug and hit the factory reset on Earth dropping it to the 3D, solely so the tribes could no longer destroy themselves and each other due to their intense energies in the 5D.

Historically they were a few Dragons among those of Muspelheim, that are considered the Fire Dragons of Earth along with a few others. Among the greatest though, Y Ddraig Goch, Vritra and Zirnitra would be the most well known.

Fire Dragons are known to be both malevolent and benevolent and they are more so based on your interactions with them. Known to be empathetic towards species them deem as lesser intelligence, they will often test those who seek out their knowledge and offerings are almost a must to appease them. This shows you are a) interested in their knowledge and b) recognize they are killers by nature but see no reason to harm others unless forced to do so. They are teachers of the Path of Severity. They are completely rational and practical in their nature. So unless you attempt to attack one or anger them needlessly, you won't likely become bbq'd or a meal.

The Fire Dragons and Giants of Muspelheim have a personal vendetta with Odin and Thor, which they plan on settling during Ragnarok, so there will be Dragons on both sides fighting once again. If we do not bring recognition of all the energies immediately, Ragnarok promises mutually assured destruction of our people and it's tribes. The good news is, with the help of humanity we may be able to avert this war entirely and force a stalemate leading to both sides having to compromise as we did during the Orion Wars. Fire Dragons are often amazing beings but the ones of Earth have been led astray by their Dark Counterparts of which I will discuss in the Abyss Dragon section. There are Holy and Unholy versions, i.e the Celestial type or Light Dragons vs their Abyss counterparts. The Dark Fire Dragons are the most dangerous ones to walk the Earth due to their ruthless and destructive nature. It is critical they inherit the Beta energy and soon, or they will destroy themselves entirely, which is what they plan on during Ragnarok. The original Draco did not possess the Dark Element or rather many did not. I will explain how that works in the Abyss / Old God section.

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