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For this section I will be covering the Earth Dragons. Primarily of the Omega type blood. This was the original blood type for many of the founding Dragonic races that stemmed from the first Celestial Ones. It was found first in the Ciakar when they had originally attacked the Pleiadian / Sirian alliance during the days shortly following the Lyran Wars, which is what led to these races battling across the Universe only to end up in our part of the galaxy. After witnessing the shear strength of the hybrids they faced, they decided to go ahead with the integration experiments leading to newer hybrids being created that could compete on par with the Annunaki —which was an amalgammation of the two former mentioned tribes. This led to the creation of Alpha Draconis and the Alpha Draconian Race. This newer race had advantages and disadvantages over their former counterparts. Unlike the Omega type which operated under a Hive Mind through the use of the Hive Queens, these newer hybrids were now capable of self-thought, due to now possessing an advanced internal monologue, creating the caste of the Royal Whites, which possessed superior intelligence to all their former counterparts, and also gained an extreme level of strength in addition. This however caused problems unforeseen among their tribes. Once they inherited the 'self-thought, it shattered their Hive Mind consciousness and in doing so, caused a break as well as the formation of new branches of various Draconian races there of, with some still operating under the original Hive Mind, whilst others, formed their own factions and simply promoted the Queen of their choosing to lead their new Hive, although these Hives, did not operate under the same manner, where individualism was supported and promoted. This led to countless internal wars among Hives fighting over power and control, leading them to become vulnerable to the Annunaki alliance forces which defeated them during the Orion Wars.

So to put in perspective, the original Earth Dragons were a warrior caste who followed the lead of their Queen and were some of the greatest fighters in the known universe. When the Alpha Draconians came along, the Earth Dragons split and went into various directions for different reasons. Some enjoyed the prospect of experiencing new things every time they ventured out, which was vastly different from their original methodology, which focused solely on preservation, expansion and protecting Hive and Queen. So many of them ended up as adventurers that were tasked with seeking out new races for the Alpha Draconians to incorporate their genetics into their Hive if they deemed them as viable to help progress or advance their new species. As a result many of these Dragons, ended up all over the galaxy intermingling with races completely foreign to them and asked to bring word from their Alpha counterparts in regards to negotiating contracts or picking a fight depending on their response because as we know, not all races are sunshine and rainbows in this Universe.

The Earth Dragons were always the trusted messengers and protectors for the Dragonic races. Due to their natural strength and balance, very few foes would try and fight them, which worked out in their favor. Whilst the males were often in combat, the females on the other hand were tasked with learning medicine to treat their warriors who came back from the battelfields and often the ones most chosen as messengers due to their milder nature, and yes extremely high charisma for a Dragonic species. Their favorite environments are tropical or arrid in nature but always extremely warm and they prefer regions with a great deal of caverns to establish large Hive clusters. The homes of most Draco species are like this, and only a few of them are known to exist in cold climates. Dragons are naturally cold blooded by nature but after incorporating the DNA of some of the other known races, they were able to alleviate their weakness to cold and created the very first of the Frost Dragons, of which I will cover in the Water Dragon section.

Most of the Dragonic races were known for regeneration but the Earth type had greater levels of accelerated healing almost on par with the Water Dragons, and their females could utilize this to heal their injured in record time, and this was generally only needed when the one they were healing could not otherwise do so already due to chakra disruption and them being unable to form their Merkaba. Like most Dragons, they were often feared due to their nature, but like any species, most would only ever attack if they believed their Hive was threatened, and after the Alpha Draconians came along, they often kept the Earth type as liaisons and tasked them with protecting various parts of their Empire or even things such as ancient relics, locations, or resources. Earth Dragons were bound by contracts, which led them to do great good or evil, depending on the task assigned to them, but evil was merely a matter of perspective, because in War, both sides see themselves as the Heros, and the other, as Evil. Quite often though, they are both lacking in the other's energies. Because these are the most common type of Dragon, they are found throughout the Universe in almost every Dragonic race that exists, so learning about the 'Hive' they come from, is absolutely critical in knowing whether they are malevolent, or benevolent. Common denominator, considerable strength and regeneration, with natural immunity to most disease making them the greatest natural healers and warriors among the Dragonic Castes. The humanoids of Earth who stem from these lineages which are O+ / O- types or O+ that comes from mixing an O- with an RH+. They become the Earth frequency and will gain the aforementioned characteristics as well. The secret behind their abilities comes from the natural ability to channel planetary magnetic fields known as geomagnetism which grants them an almost limitless source of energy, granting them their accelerated regenetion and ability to heal others. They draw the power from the Earth itself through grounding. According to the lore of Earth, I came across two in particular that represented the Earth dragon type, and they were Ten Ten Vilu and the Tarasque. So depending on the story, history, and Hive the Dragon came from, it will be dramatically different. One thing for sure though, if they like you, they will fight almost anything or anyone to protect you. You will find the Earth Dragons living among caverns, and rockfaces primarily in the 'wild' and the region will be either humid or arrid but extremely warm in either case. To this day, they are still Dragons living in the inner Earth (Agartha / Hollow Earth). People keep calling them dinosaurs nowadays, not sure why. Although the ones they show you now, are far from the originals and much more humanoid than they are letting on. It's why when you hear depictions of Dragons in History, many walk upright on two legs, not roaming on four.

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