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For this section I am going to go through history dating back to the origins of Creation, because in order to explain all things in Existence, one must recognize where all life is originally derived from. I will use the information from the Sophia of Christ / Berlin Gnostic Codex to explain. All things in this Universe come from the Void originally, consider it the womb of the Universe that brought forth the AllFather. In his perfection, he was alone, and decided to create beings aside from himself so they too could enjoy the labor of his thought and creation. If you consider the Universe a giant Quantum Simulator that uses compressed encoded Light to manifest in the lower density giving the illusion of Form, when he created the first Formless Ones, which are Immortal Entities that have existed since the Dawn of Creation, that were given the tasks of creating other beings in the lower densitites, creating the first Formed Ones. Meaning the dimensions where those with Avatars powered by the Light of the Source would exist. In the first days of Creation, the Formless Ones brought forth some of the first beings, and the Dragons were among them. These are not the only ones created but one of a multitude of during the first aeons after the birth of the Universe. I will be covering an entire section on the some of the originals or believed to be originals based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft, who was an adept in studying the ancient works of John Dee, where much of the original hidden esoteric / occult knowledge was rediscovered.

To understand that all things are just a flow of energy and that all things are thought given form, almost any lifeform you could contemplate existing, likely does exist in the known universe somewhere, and many more you could never fathom. Even on Earth there are many species, that have left modern scientists baffled by their very abiltiies and / or nature.

So in regards to the very first Dragons in the Universe, the greatest among them are referred to as the Celestial Dragons, or Dragons born of the Light. These first progenitors would be much like the founders of many of the original races. They would be beings beyond most comprehension due to existing in the 7th-8th Dimension, and would be large enough to be on par with the size of small planets or realms. As it was for all the first Formed Ones who reside in the Heavens. They were the ones who first formed worlds with their offspring, and similar to the progenitors of the Lyran and Vegans, they were some of the highest vibration beings and immortal by our standards. They would live for aeons, and their first offspring were known to live for hundreds of thousands of our years without the outside intervention of medicine or technology.

So in regards to the Celestial Dragons, they were the ones responsible for creating all the Dragonic species in the universe. Many of which you can look up in the KGB Book of ETs. The differences in the Originals and those that came later is often the division or separation of their energies through the blood. Starting as AB- and then divinding their energies among those they create in the lower dimensions, hoping they would coalesce to create newer hybrids and eventually come back to to the highest dimensions after obtaining the energy. The AB- blood type is a representation of the Universe in it's entirely and all the original Formed Ones possessed it.

Through out Earth's history there have been stories of Dragons of Creation and I will be listing the ones from our own historical records and assigning them under the various Dragon Houses which are based on the 4 Elements + Light / Dark energy. All things in the Universe follow this principle and Dragons are no different. Aside from the Celestial, there are Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water Dragons, in addition to the inverse of the Celestial, the Abyss Dragons will be included as well. These are what you would consider the equal and opposite to the Celestial Dragons, which were created entirely out of the positive energy from the AB-, meaning the Darkness was removed by bathing them in the Light. The ones who were cut off from the Light, were made into Dragons of the Abyss of which I will explain in their section. So to put this in perspective, all things in Darkness can return to the Light and vice versa and this is entirely based on exposure to Light Photons. So among the first Celestial Ones, they are what you would consider 'Rainbow Dragons' or rather those who emanated the entire Light spectrum from their Avatars.

When thinking of these beings, you must consider they have lived for aeons and to this day, still exist among the Heavens. Many still watching over their offspring seeing if they will ever figure out the design. Unfortunately though, after the separation of energy, the minds of the beings become unbalanced and they suffer from energetic instablity leading to conflict and clashes with other energies, which is then supposed to lead to resolution rather than destruction, but alas, not all species make it and this is the way of things.

The Celestial Ones are Perfect in their design and provide wisdom and knowledge to the entities that live in the Heavens in they so desire it. Teaching them, but often watching from afar knowing they are not to intervene with the flow of the cycles. Many of them provided company and aide to some of the first beings to come along after them but never interfering and allowing them to come to their own desicisions. This is due to the nature of Free Will that was given to those of Higher Consciousness. They were allowed to 'influence' though and this was often done by orchestrating events that would lead to the inevitable predicted outcomes they would set in motion through the Flow of the Cycles, knowing they existed outside of them, allowing them to observe.

Among the Dragon Legacies of Earth, certain Dragons among them stand apart from all others in terms of their roles and energies and all three I consider among the Celestial types. Aido Hwedo, Tian Long, and then Shen Long in that order. These Dragons and their stories date back to the original times of Creation of Earth and it's original tribes. They are likely on par with the original Seraphim and their stories reflect this, because their tales are that of the first 'Creators' riding around on the backs of these Dragons or them playing an intricate role in Humanity's creation, of which, the Draco / Seraphim did play a huge role. Even Enlil himself said, they were from the Heavens and this is why he never considered asking them about taking human wives or residing in the lower dimensions of Earth. This is where the term 'Fallen' comes from. It literally means you fell from a higher dimension to a lower one, or density if you prefer, and in doing so, gave up their immortality.

This Dragon House belongs to only the greatest among the Dragons species who have come close to reobtaining the energies originally lost in the separation of which very few species in the known Universe could make this claim. The Alpha Draconians were the closest to reobtaining this and realize the only way was to obtaining the blood of the Holy Mother, which was lost on them and only through the Terra Project has this become possible due to creating Avatars that can be utilized by almost any race in the universe thanks to the O- blood gene. To exist in the Heavens as a Celestial Dragon, one must first learn how to ascend to Heaven and then chose the form or avatar that suits you. You are literally Thought given Form. This is the principle behind shape shafting as well, of which the early Dragons were highly known for often to fit in with those they sought to 'influence' without getting noticed. They seek to become the Catalysts of the Universe, by being the constant Chaos needed to allow progression and change to exist. Chaos and change are the only constant, of which the Celestial Dragons have been implementing since the Dawn of Time through Empathy and Compassion for the ones they created and Tiamat being one of the oldest among the Heavens.

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