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The House of The Wind Dragons or Air Dragons, if you prefer, is the one I know best. Similar to their Fire counterparts in many ways yet unlike in so many others, this House is ruled entirely by Winged Dragons or Royal Whites depending on which species they are from. Since the beginning of Creation, the Celestial and Abyss Dragons divided their energies creating smaller, somewhat lesser versions of themselves in the lower dimensions, and the Wind Dragons were among the few selected to safeguard their creations and their knowledge due to their natural ability to fly, possessing the Alpha energy along with the ability to aborb heat and light, granting them a more versatile environment to dwell in than some of their other counterparts, who much preferred the heat, to live in. Quite often, they were left to remote mountainous regions to watch over from afar. All the while never straying too far from their roost, knowing it held many treasures, technologies, texts, etc that they were entrusted to safeguard. The Celestials knew about the internal wars to come between the Hives and foresaw what was needed to prevent the total annihilation of a once great race of beings and their history and their trials and tribulations that were about to be learned the hard way. After a temporary defeat during the early wars between the Ciakar race and the Lyrans / Vegans, this is what led to the creation of the Alpha Draconian race that came to inhabit Alpha Draconis / Thuban. Again, the Ciakar were more like the Borg than anything, and were total Severity in methodology. Attack, destroy, assimilate, and move on to the next target. The Amalekites would be the closest tribes on Earth to them in nature, or possibly the original Jomon. It was the incorporation of the Alpha energy into their hive structures, that led to the newly created Alpha Draconians, which took on a somewhat more humanoid look by comparison to their originals which were Draconoids, rather than Humanoids with Dragon features.

During this time, Wind dragons were divided heavily, each fighting with their own factions and Hives over power and control, all the while still attempting to expand their Empires and continuing their attacks on their 'enemies' whether it was a rival terrestrial race or another Hive. This is what led many of the Wind Dragons to be assigned positions and placements on worlds newly created to establish new Hives, that were no longer under the influences of the original rivalries using the same methodology by learning to incorporate the energies of the species they encounter into their own genetic code. After one of the main Hive clusters was destroyed during the Orion Wars by the Annunaki or rather the Pleiadian / Sirian alliance, the Wind Dragons once hidden away were brought back to this newly integrated society to reteach the ways of their people and their knowledge, but this time it would be to benefit all those who learned from them. Many of them were left to other worlds seeded by the Celestial Ones or the Formless Ones. Most of the early Dragonic species were almost immortal by our standards and lived for billions of our years, and even the races that spawned from them, lived for several million. As you go lower in density, the cycles shorten and rather seem shorter but in essence we are a faster miniature version of the races we come from. Time in essence is faster in the lower dimensions as you approach the zero point field of the Universe.

In terms of abilties, the Wind Dragons were known for exceptionally high intelligence, could fly and many had similar enhanced regeneration abilities as their Omega counterparts found in the Earth and Fire Houses, but not quite to the same degree. They needed sunlight to utilize their abilities in most cases similar to their Fire counterparts but since they could fly, encountering combat where they could be injured was less common.

Possessing Air attunement, controlling wind and storms was not outside their capacity, and yes, channeling lighting in the cases where they possessed the technologies to do so. The ability to channel and harness lightning was one of the technologies passed down to Odin, thanks to his mother Isis, who was one of the daughters of Shamgaz, otherwise known as Azazel. Both were original Draconians. By mixing the blood of the O- and A1+ of the Draco and Pleiadian through the line of Marduk, Odin became A1- and was granted the Godhead, and why he was also granted the title of AllFather possessing the same energies as the Father in Heaven, or rather almost, but not quite. For the Wind Dragons who mastered lightning, they possessed additional abilities of teleportation and could channel lighting to utilizie both defensively and offensively.

Nikola Tesla was one of the few Draco who remastered this knowledge and if given the ability and opportunity, he would have been the first Lightning Dragon God to walk the Earth since Odin. Anyone who knows anything about electricity, it's not about the voltage, it's the amperage that can kill you. Humans themselves are capable of producing billions of volts of electricity and do not know it. A human cell produces .07 volts and with the amount of cells in your body, it equates to over 2.6 trillion volts. As you progress back towards the 5D, the energy output increases exponentially based on the dimensional wavelength you exist in. So whether you find a Wind Dragon on your side or not, often depends on whether you share similar goals, and that's usually the preservation of artifacts, knowledge, technologies, treasures, etc. They are the Keepers assigned from the first aeons, which is why the Dark Ones often target them for destruction, knowing they are what stands between their total domination over the lower dimensional / consciousness beings they prefer to enslave rather than enlighten, considering them inferior. Only the tribes of Earth that possess the A2- blood gene and are the green eyed Dragons, are the truest representation of the originals to this day and were assigned very much the same tasks and roles historically. The closest ones in history that could compare to this House was known as Druk of ancient Bhutan. From Tibetan and Himalayan Mythology, a Thunder Dragon similar to Shenlong in China, this Orb holding serpentine creature lives in the remote areas of Mt. Everest and gives snow and rain to the Tibetan people. Some say they are the protectors of Shangrila, still to this day. For the Macrocosm, repeats in the Microcosm. We are simply reliving and repeating what has been done aeons ago, but unlike before, with the wars between the Light and Dark, we now have the ability to recollect them all, allowing us to return to the Kingdom of Heaven aka the 9th Dimension. The 10th is the Kingdom of the AllFather, and on 9th and the 11th of September, which was a Satanic Ritual mocking the AllFather, knowing the 10th or God was not there that day. The Wind Dragons of Earth are the only thing stopping the Darkness from consuming this world and wiping out the Light of Man, which they too possess.

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