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This section will be somewhat unique because it will explain the aspects of the Dark Dragons that dwell in the Abyss. This is both literal and esoteric. From the first days after the Universes' creation, for all things created out of light, there was an equivalent created out of the darkness. Meaning for all creatures that exist and live under the sun, there are the ones who almost never see the Light of Day. These are the Abyss type. Similar to many of the Old Gods in age, power, and abilities, these Dragons were sent as catalysts to prepare new worlds for habitation often by cleansing the species currently living there deemed 'in the way'. This exact scenario is what took place on Earth, due to the presence of the corrupted Draco. When the 'Higher Ups' realized the Draco presence was corrupting the natural gene pool at exponential levels, they smashed the Earth with a comet causing the Great Flood and dropping Earth from the 5D to the 3D. Under normal circumstances this does not occur, and purgers are often sent to cleanse worlds. Abyss Dragons are the ones, who do the dirty work for the AllFather, and the Celestials. They are the very essence of the Dark in this universe and in order to maintain the balance and the flow of cycles, the Light and Dark Dragons worked in tandem to create / cleanse worlds as need be.

Many of the original Abyss Dragons as a result were tasked with monitoring newly created species and worlds, but unlike the other Dragons, they were simply there to maintain the flow of the cycles and when the time came, became the Great Catalysts, to bring forth the required change in a species to progress it, or destroy it, if the project fails. These types live in the lowest recesses of worlds often sleeping most of the time. Only to awaken to perform their assigned tasks.

Usually Immortal and having outlived many worlds and species alike, as a result, the reason they are needed is because any time Dark energy is created, it will lead to either the Salvation or Destruction of a species, based entirely on whether or not they can integrate it without destroying themselves in the process. Not all species make it as a result. Humanity is currently teetering on the edge as speak. The last War will determine the fate of Earth for the next 1000 years. After this time period ends, the ones capable of returning to the Heavens will do so, and the souls of the damned will be left with Jormungandr as he destroys all remaining life on Earth, only to begin the next Terra Project with another newly created species put through the cycles and trials.

I have explained in the other sections that the various Dragon Houses have both a Light and Dark equivalent even among the elements. As a result, these Dark types, are also used as catalysts based on their attunement. I will say the one thing they share in common, is the destruction and devastation that follows when they are sent. I will give you examples of how and when they were used. In wars, if two opposing sides refused to get along, and the AllFather believed they both needed lessons in humility and true severity, a Dark Fire Dragon would be sent to burn all the crops of the two opposing forces, forcing them to either destroy each other in a fight over resources, or learn to get along and work together to survive through Strength of Unity. The basis for this theory is two minds are greater than one, and the sum of many can accomplish great things, or they can turn proud, selfish and destroy themselves. Earth Dragons were used to cause quakes, Water Dragons —massive flooding, and Wind Dragons would use tornados. All of them could cause massive amounts of damage and would be used to teach the newly created species Severity —meaning that life is not all sunshine and rainbows and in the lower dimensions, respect for the flow of energy and the cycles is a must, not an option, and the ones who refuse to learn this, will face the Wrath of the Abyss Dragons.

Historically, Earth has a few Dragons listed that would fall under the catergory of Abyss type, Jormungandr and Kur being the most prominant. Both are assigned tasks that shall be fulfilled during the End Times. There was a quote from Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Underworld along with her husband Ninurta, that was spoken about Kur and it gives the best description of how the Gods viewed Abyss Dragons or rather the dark Elemental types. Ereshkigal spoke to Kur when she found him isolated in the Underworld. "I am not afraid of you. Of any of you’ she said out loud, and she meant it. ‘You are my half brother, Kur, and so are the dark little ones. And somehow I feel there is beauty within you all, even if you and others don’t have eyes to see. But I have. Dive into your Essence, brother, search for the seed that brought you, me and all into being. I also came from that seed. There you will find what unite us, what make us One of a Kind with the One who is All Kinds." What all higher dimensional entities recognize, is the fact that all Life is powered by the Source, and was created for a reason, meaning the AllFather has purpose for the Dark as much as he does the Light. When they unify, they become true Creators capable of both Severity and Mercy, and can peer through Darkness, to see the Light at the end of the tunnel, or rather can see the positive resolution through conflict and clashing of the energies once they become balanced.

Know that very few entities ever become what is needed to ascend to the Kindgom of Heaven in the 10th Dimension and many, once they learn the design and how the flow works and then become qualified, often seek out the roles given to the first Celestials and Abyss type Dragons based on their own energy. The idea is this, once you learn and know almost all that there is to know and understand in the Universe, what would you spend your time doing? Would you really want to sit around in the 9th Dimension thinking shiny happy thoughts all day, or would you rather go out and have some fun in the lower dimensions with some of the Formed Ones, either tormenting the ones who refuse to learn due to being stubborn and having it too easy, or helping the ones struggling the most causing them to become great people through hardship. The trials in the lower dimensions are what fortifies the 'Spark' of the Light that powers your Avatar. Meaning the lessons you learn in the lower dimensions are used to help you see through eyes that no one else possesses, allowing you to be granted knowledge and wisdom far exceeding all others, so that on your way back to Heaven to trip and fall less along the way, and are capable of helping others in their quest as well, so long as they as on the same Path as you, but also recognize all those who do not share your path and may seek to stop your quest. This is why the Darkness exists, because if the Quest was easy, what fun would it be? Thinking of playing a video game with no goals, enemies, or tasks assigned, you simply walked around and did lot of nothing like eat and sleep. NO ONE WOULD PLAY BECAUSE IT WOULD BE THE MOST BORING GAME EVER CREATED. It's no different than watching a movie without an antagonist to allow your hero to experience trials, tragedy, and then salvation at the very end, or self destruction in some cases, as is the way of things. Humans won't encounter Abyss or Celestial types likely in their lifetimes on Earth, but since the cycles are infinite, in time, you may meet them again or for those interested, you may seek to become one.

The Light of the Source is used to power every avatar in the known Universe and all are connected through quantum entanglement and all things in the Universe are Thoughts manifested into Form, meaning once you make it back to Heaven, what Avatar you use and seek to create is literally often left up to the one creating it. They still have to follow the Grand Design though and maintain a balance of energy or it causes complications in the Avatars, as humans are finding out after dealing with Canaanite and Amelekite lineages who do not possess the Light, or they are have become heartless, and have rejected the Light after obtaining it. Both are still unbalanced and are representations of the Dark Elemental types. The Canaanites are Dark Earth Dragons whilst their Amelekite counterparts are Dark Fire Dragons. It will take the Chaos Dragons to deal with them once again as we have in the past and since I did not cover the Chaos types as much as I would have liked to, it's due to the fact they are hybrid types similar to how Frost Dragons are both Wind and Water attuned. Chaos types are always a mix of both high levels of Light and Dark energy. The closest people on Earth to ever be considered on par with this type energy would have been Odin or Yeshua / Jesus. It requires mixing an O- with an A1+ and having them fuse together to create an A-.

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