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The Omega | O+ | The Blood of the Son of Man

Original Simian species of Earth first used in creating humanity through the Neanderthal and then passed down to Adam A1 / O+, Eve B+ / O+ and Cain who was O+.


When describing O+ nowadays it's entirely based on which tribe they inherited the O+ from. Some obtained it through early mergers of Neanderthals before the collapse / destruction of Atlantis or later through the early Adamic hybrids. The other main O+ line is from Cains blood line which is different than Adam's, and has a higher Sirian / Pleiadian genetic admixture due to being the direct son of Ea who was Elyeon and AB+. If you find an O+ who possesses the Alpha and Beta energies of the Pleiadians and Sirians, you will find they are generally outgoing, positive, energetic people who love fun, excitement and are entirely goal and task oriented people. If they are white and O+ their minds would reflect that of a Chimp + Golden Retriever. If they are black and O+ it would be similar to a Gorilla + Leopard. The Asiatic O+ is like an Orangutan + Baby Lion.

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