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The Omega | O- | Order of the Red Dragon | The Great Void


The only energy in the Universe created through the use of Darkness by living out of the Light for thousands of years. Originally O+, the lack of sun light the Seraphim / Bene Elohim / Sons of God suffered from before invading Earth caused gene deletions in their DNA and resulted in their blood lines losing the D antigen from the surface of their red blood cells.


After merging with Cain's blood line, then Ham's, then almost every other blood line on Earth in an attempt to take it over, it now exists within every Dragon blood line on Earth and these people dramatically differ based entirely on what energies their blood line has inherited. The original O- Demon Clan known as the Jomon still exist only in name to this day because they too eventually merged with a human tribe.


If these people possess both Pleiadian and Sirian energies, they are usually found in the Hebrew Jews or Esau's clan still in Africa being the Semitic or Bantu tribes, the Elven Tribes of Thor or the Tribe of Dan. These tribes went to war against the original O-s who refused to inherit the other energies into their blood lines which is still causing issues to this very day.


Historically they were the ancient Day Walkers / Vampires who hunted and killed other Demons and Vampires who rejected the Light which is the very story and foundation for Marvel's character Blade. They are either warriors who seek to preserve the Light or serve the Dark and if they are good people, will go out of their way to do everything in their power to help save this world.

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