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The Beta | B- | Order of the Black Dragon | The Blood of Jacob, Father of the Vampires (Daywalkers) / Tribes of Israel who inherited the Light from Isaac but remained majority Sirian energy. | The Chosen Ones of Enlil, God of the Old Testament who was majority Sirian and B+ / B+.


Beta energy is refined and precise in all that it does. It is effiminate by nature but do not think feminine is incapable of using Severity if mixed with any amount of Alpha because this will immediately turn them into their closest spirit animal counterpart of the Xolo species, which are a hairless jet black canine species but majority Sirian energy.


The best way to describe these people is Warriors of the Heart and of God. The Originals knew they had obtained their salvation by inheriting the Pleiadian / Sirian energies and therefore became blessed by God or rather Enlil, but Ea too saw their great potential and sent Yeshua to try and help them learn about the Alpha male energy due to him being Cis AB- and possessing their blood type as well.


These tribes are some of the most beautiful souls on Earth and naturally the most loving people and will do everything in their power to help you if you are in trouble and will fight anyone in their path to do so if need be. The reason the Unholy Feminine of the Canaanites could never defeat them is because of their Hearts, which could never be defeated by the Darkness due to their undying faith to the God who forgave their predacessors and their transgressions and only punished those who sided with Satan and Moloch and turned to the Darkness.

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