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The Beta Sirian | B+ | The Divine Feminine / The Holy Spirit / Blood of Eve


Originally found in Eve through inheriting it from Ea which is still found highest in her lineages througout Africa and Southeast Asia.


It is the energy associated with the Leopard or Panther which allows for an advanced frontal lobe which is tied entirely to female intution and advanced percetion and abilities to foresee future events to come by simply reading the flow of energy. These people are the most spiritual beings on Earth with the most advanced right brains and frontal lobes so long as they possess some of the Light of Man. This is why Ea had them find each other and create balanced hybrids possessing both the Alpha and Beta energies laid atop the Omega which is recessive to them. They are beings of pure love and compassion. They are entirely docile and placid and that is why the Demon Clan prefers to use them as slaves, hoping to corrupt this energy eventually by mixing it with the Darkness and wiping out their Light entirely leaving them defenseless.

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