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The Alpha | A2- | Order of the White Dragon | The Blood of Esau | The Blood of the Father


Created when Isaac married Rebekah which resulted in the A2- blood gene creating Esau, Father of the Werewolves who fell out of favor with Enlil for marrying a Canaanite which caused problems later through some of his Canaanite ancestry whilst others became blessed due to retaining the A2- gene.


Their spirit animal is the Faoladh or Werewolf but unlike their later counterparts of which I will discuss in the AB- section, these types were known to be the lone wolves who only helped those most in need being that of children, the lost, or the sick.


They have the highest levels of empathy on Earth and the greatest ability to absorb energy. Greatest analytical minds on Earth possessing advanced temporal functions and the power of the Air element, they naturally have the highest intelligence on Earth next to their AB- counterparts. You will find these people rather strange though, if you are human because many do not exhibit human characteristics, nor emotions at times and this blood type is the most associated with Asperger's Syndrome and personality disorders as a result because their minds are often out in left field or 'unbound' by the spatial like their A1+ predecessors. Often clumsy to a fault, but can recite facts figures and numbers like an AI computer. You have to tell these people to 'FOCUS' on what's most important and do not procrastinate. They have it in them to be the best peple on Earth, but they often need external energy sources to motivate them into action.

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