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The Alpha Pleiadian | A1+ | The Blood / Light of Man


Originally found in Adam's blood line through the A Haplogroup due to inheriting it from Ea, of which are still found in Africa and then later through Shem's line, through as well of those of the Hebrew Jews. The first hybrids to possess the Light of Man and the internal monologue and the ability to judge one's own actions and possess human empathy through the use of advanced spatial / parietal motor cortex as well as the addition of a large forehead allowing full growth of the prefrontal cortex which the Sirian energy completes.


Their spirit animal is of course man's best friend of the Canine races be it that of Dog or Wolf, they are same energy manifestation in it's purest form. These people whilst may not be the most emotional people on the planet, their empathy is what makes up for it. Many considered to be the lone wolf type, but that's only due to their natural ability to absorb energy from others, which is why they enjoy their alone time to unwind and diffuse energies but when asked to help, they will always be there for you when you need it most.

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