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The Alpha Beta | AB+ A | Fusion of the Divine Masculine and Feminine | The Blood of our Father Ea, who was El Elyeon or rather L - ION, the Lion Tribe.


The most majestic and beautiful people on Earth possessing the big hearts of the Sirian and the empathy of the Pleiadian races or rather the Alpha / Beta energies. Found only in the Blood line of Shem initially, the Shemitic race was chosen by Ea to lead humanity initially due to them being the best representation of humanity's energies. The Arabic, the mislabelled African Americans who were never Africans, known as the Negro and finally the well known Saxons. These tribes are all genetic cousins and simply different shades of Lion regardless of their color. The Negro came out higher Sirian, the Saxon came out higher Pleiadian and the Arabic were 50/50 even. They are all genetic cousins of the I1 Haplogroup. The corrupted Unholy Feminine deceived them all and made them kill each other by believing they were different tribes. When these people learn the truth, I pray Hell has good protection because they will retake this world for humanity with the help of the Draco who support them. This is what Yeshua was technically, an upgraped Shemite by adding the Darkness of the Dragon's blood to the mix. The lions do not possess the Darkness, nor more than the Demon Race possesses the Light of Man, and in doing so, both fail to recognize they are incomplete. One fears the Dark, the other Fears the Light.

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