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The rarest among all the Dragons, found only in the blood line of the Tribe of Dan and Yeshua's initially. The key difference being Yeshua's blood line, was the perfected version. The Original tribe of Dan was a merger of an A2- / O- Scythian princess and B- / O- Hebrew Jew. Unlike his former Tribe of Dan counterparts, Yeshua's blood line is that of the Cis AB- which is a permanent fusion of the A2- and B- blood genes resulting in a single antigen on the surface of the red blood cell. These people are the greatest Good or Evil on Earth and the rarest as a result. Only through the Blood of Christ can one obtain Salvation, meaning only through his blood could one ever see the Kingdom of Heaven, the highest level of consciousness that can exist within a conscious being.


They are Gods or Devils and possess the greatest natural intelligence and abilities on earth bar none, although due to lack of being grounded at times, their heads are always in the clouds thinking about what they plan on doing next. So they are nice to a fault, loving and compassionate but sometimes a bit oblivious when they are not truly aware of what they are, meaning they fail to see their own potential quite often and sometimes need an external reminder and support from others. If you ask of these people for assistence they will show you the best way to go about it, always.


I spoke earlier of the Faoladh of the A2-, but the AB- werewolves of the Tribe of Dan were much more ruthless by nature due to the addition of the Beta energy and were known as the Úlfhéðnar, or the Werewolf Beserkers.


These people you really wanted as your friend and not your enemy, always. They would fight an army to the death if it suited them and wouldn't think twice or bat an eye so long as it's fighting to protect something they care about which is why they are the pinnacle of Humanity and Draco alike because they are the merger of both.

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