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Join Johnathan Mercedes as he explores the manifestation of Draconic energy across diverse civilizations. From the fiery Dragons of Western Europe, to the wise and revered Eastern Dragons, this course breathes life into the history of these bloodlines, providing a comprehensive understanding of their origins, characteristics, and the impact they have had and continue to have on human civilization. This course explores the intricate tapestry of Draconian tribal history, with the focus being on the manifestation and in-depth examination of Dragon energies in all their various forms and hybridizations through Johnathan's advanced 22-Point Blood Energy Kabbalah system. This expanded system features every Draconic energy ever created at the genetic level, allowing you to be able to fully understand every single Dragon bloodline on Earth. By delving into the rich legacy of Dragon history, and understanding these energies at the highest level, you will be able to comprehend their workings within the psyche of those who possess these energies. Within this course, Johnathan will explain the differences between light and dark energetic manifestation and teach you how to utilize the Dragon energies housed within your own vessel. This course will also give you an advanced understanding of how to alchemize Dragon energies and use them to benefit your daily life through practical application techniques. Key Topics Covered In This Course: • Dragon Origins • Diaspora • Draconian Blood Energy Alchemy • Evolution of Dragon Energies Through Hybridization • Atlantean Dragon History • Practical Application of Dragon Energies What makes this course truly remarkable is the entwining of Dragon history along with blood alchemy (which is the study of purification, transmutation, and energy infusion). By understanding the esoteric nature of both, you will uncover hidden connections that highlight the intersection of energy, genetics, and their manifestations in both the mental and physical spheres. By the end of the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the intricate nature of Draconian energy, and you will be equipped with practical tools and techniques to harness Dragon energies responsibly for your own personal benefit, as well as that of the collective. INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE, A 300 PAGE DIGITAL PDF BOOKLET THAT CORRESPONDS TO THE DRAGON ENERGY & BLOOD ALCHEMY COURSE.

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