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  • 1 h
  • 77 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Book a custom ancestry session with Johnathan Mercedes and learn about your lineage, tribal heritage, family history, and anything and everything you would like to know about your blood type. This hour long voice conversation with Johnathan can occur over Facebook messenger or Zoom (whichever one you prefer) where you can inquire about any topics of your choice pertaining to blood, history, genetics, haplogroup data, tribal affiliation, family history / surnames, as well as your own personal lineage. When booking a session, please include the family surname [last name] that you would like to have traced, along with your blood type [as well as the blood type of both your mother and father]. If you do not know the blood type of your parents or your own blood type, you can still book a session. If you had your haplogroup data professionally tested, it would be helpful to have it on hand during the session, but again, this is not necessary. Many who are adopted who know little to nothing about their ancestry have come to Johnathan to learn and discover information about their own genetic makeup, background and blood type. Of course, the more information you have, the better —but because Johnathan is so good at what he does, it's not necessary to know a whole lot, so don't keep 'a lack of knowledge' from stopping / dissuading you from booking a session. Note to all clients: It will be best to have a pen / pencil on hand along with some paper or a notebook where you can take notes on everything that is said throughout your session. Johnathan will provide you with quite a bit of information, so be adequately prepared since it is a lot to take in all at once. You may use a voice recorder to record your session, or record it via Zoom if that is the route you choose to go instead of using Facebook messenger. Please let Johnathan know at least a day ahead if you need to reschedule your session. You may send an email to in order to reschedule your session in case you have trouble reaching Johnathan personally for any reason. You may reach / message Johnathan directly via his Facebook account at: You may also book a session using the 'Tribal Knowledge Academy' Calendly booking system using the LinkTree link provided directly below: All sales are final and all sessions are sold 'as is.'

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