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PLEASE NOTE: Before purchasing a seat to the LIVE course, please review the Live Session disclaimer and the Zoom Recording disclaimer by reading through the LIVE / RECORDING DISCLAIMER as well as reviewing the CONSENT DISCLAIMER in the FAQs section, under the label of DISCLAIMERS or by clicking the links directly in this text. These are important components of the 'TERMS & CONDITIONS' that you agreed to, upon entering this website. Taking a moment to refresh your memory on our policy will ensure clarity and transparency during our interaction / transaction. 

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing a seat to the LIVE course, you are purchasing a ticket to attend the course itself, and NOT purchasing the actual recording of the course. Under most circumstances (aka 99% of the time), the recording of the course is something you will receive after the LIVE course gets hosted, but that is not something that is guaranteed or promised by us, and the decision to provide a recording afterwards is something that is entirely up to us to decide upon doing. The benefit of attending any of the LIVE classes, is that you will get to interact with Johnathan Mercedes during a LIVE question and answer session at the end of each course where you can ask any questions you like.

PLEASE NOTE: That it may take anywhere from 1-5 weeks for a LIVE course to be delivered to you AFTER you purchase your seat / attend the LIVE event. This time frame allows us to thoroughly edit and fine-tune the course content. This time frame is for the LIVE course ONLY. LIVE events / courses are NOT instant transfer products. They take considerable time to edit, get fine tuned, and put up on the website to be sent out via the system we have in place. If you experience anxiety and stress due to not receiving a product immediately after purchase, we recommend that you DO NOT purchase a LIVE course, and instead wait until it becomes available to the public. Once a LIVE course becomes available to the public, you will receive your product via INSTANT TRANSFER, meaning that you will immediately have it upon purchase. LIVE courses are ONLY for folks who have patience and don't mind waiting anywhere from one to two weeks and anywhere up to a month, to receive the final product.

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