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Trevor McGrath is a specialist in archeo-acoustics, frequency healing, music tuning, bio-tuning, brainwave entrainment, audio engineering, geomancy and Templar-based applications.

In 2019 he decoded the acoustic resonance modes and applications behind the ark of the covenant and is a big enthusiast of sacred structures.

Centering in the field of sound therapy, he runs his service "Audible Alchemy” where he takes orders for custom sound therapy track requests and also sells pre-made tracks as well as his 26-track album “Sacred Waves.”

He fine-tunes music to where intonation is returned to Pythagorean and Justonic forms of tuning as well as fine-tuning of note frequencies back to any frequency requested, creating perfect harmonics among the notes for the sake of optimal healing and therapeutic effect.

The effects reported from his music are generally better sleep, decrease in anxiety, decrease in depression, blissful tingles, insight and for some even enhanced visions just to name a few.

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